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Ninth Abhisheka


Beautiful faced one! An auspicious act performed by well-qualified people spreads auspiciousness everywhere. The abhiseka of Radha spreads good fortune throughout the universe. See! The sakhis headed by Madhurika (a priya sakhi) are bathing Radha, and bathing themselves and the universe in their tears. It is astonishing that though Lalita and others are stunned by the symptoms of prema, they are still able to carry out their duties. But the cool rays of the moon are expert at opening the kumuda flowers.


"O sakhi, the ever-fresh forest of nine parts (the joy of monsoon, the pleaŽsure of autumn, the satisfaction of winter, the happiness of dewy season, the brilliance of spring, the auspiciousness of summer, the satisfaction of auŽtumn-winter, the brilliance of dewy-spring, and the joy of summer-monsoon) has assumed all beauty by this pot of nine jewels, which contains the sweetest love of thegopis, to receive this ninth abhiseka."


Everyone forgets their normal actions, being inundated in the shower of sweetness as Radha is bathed with the chanting of mantras. Taking on the qualities of Asadha month (conjugal rasa), the Madhava month (Krishna) bestows incredible beauty to the whole world. Radha attained a magnificent splendor with the abhiseka from the jeweled pot made from the treasure of ten thousand million gomeda gems, by which one attains mystic siddhis. While receiving those waters, Radha brought Krishna under Her control with Her playful glances. As the earth (go) is pleased (meda) by the fragrances from the trees on the occasion of the abhiseka, this gomeda gem pot is bathing Radha and giving pleasure to the earth. Today on the occasion of the abhiseka, Radha is beautified by the affection of Her beloved and tinted by Her own attraction to Him. Radha is stunned by the touch of the water and Her hair and cloth are Her ornaments. When the moon, distributing its radiance for the satisfaction of the populace, appears in the east over the forests of Udaya Mountain, the moonstone drowns itself in its own water (it melts). When the moon face of Radha, bathed in Vrindavana, the fulfiller of desires, meets Krishna, I drown myself in blissful rasa. As the moon rising over Udaya Mountain spreads its rays to elevated places, golden complexioned Radha, sitting on the throne, spreads water iinLcu wii.liLunkumu On Hci uppei body."Friend! You have been constantly looking at Radha with playful glances. By that Radha has assumed greater brilliance! Can the kumuda woman ever blossom without the moonlight?" When priya sakha Arjuna whispered this in Krishna's ear, Krishna was not even aware of it. Krishna's eyes, fearing a slackenŽing of Radha's attraction, became restless and roamed about trying to receive Her glances.


O friend! The ocean of bliss of the sakhis is increasing all at once at this festival and bathing Radha. Their eyes, like clouds, having drunk the ocean of bliss, are now beginning to flash and shed water."Some friends are advising You against Hari and others are advising comŽpliance. I do not agree. Somehow or other Your abhiseka must be comŽpleted." As this advice followed Radha's own line of thinking, the advice brought the thoughts into the open. To swim swiftly in the Ganga, one must move the hands. Similarly, to accomplish the goal all means must be used.

Look! Facing the heavenly women, Lalita and Vishakha are holding golden pots filled with waters from all the pots. The pots contain sarvagandha and sarvausadhi with fruits on top and red marks on the midsection. They are covered in white cloth, wound with thread, and crowned with leaves of banŽyan, pippala, udumbara, plaksa and parisa. They satisfied the universe by bathing Radha with these pots.


As the moon light breaks through the white clouds and reflects on the lotuses floating in the Yamuna, the brilliant face of Radha, covered by water from the pots, reflected in the eyes of Krishna which had multiplied into a phalanx of eyes to receive that beauty. Externally Radha was bathed by the arrangements of Her beloved, but internally She was bathed by tears of love. The most confidential prema is manifest externally through various wonŽdrous arrangements. During the abhiseka, Radha's hair loosened, the designs on Her skin washed off, Her body covered in perspiration, and Her garlands fell apart. Seeing Herself like this, Radha bowed Her head, as if Krishna was playing some mischief in Her heart Radha illuminated the hearts of the people and the forest with the ever-increasing brilliance of the abhiseka. Radhika was like a special herb, which had sprung up in the monsoon season to give life to the universe.


Seeing the external symptoms oibhava experienced by Lalita and Vishakha on tasting the beauty of Radha during this festival intoxicated the bee-like eyes of the crowd. Who knows what they felt internally? When Radha's abhiseka was complete, the shining ocean swelled and crossed the shoreline of modesty. The bhava of Radha and Krishna, like two wonderful fish jumping in bliss, displayed various external symptoms and distributed nectar to all the people, who became intoxicated with love. Ears, lips and tongue! May these words describing the abhiseka to install Radha as the Queen of Vrindavana protect you birth after birth, and give you devotion to Radha and Krishna. O nostrils! May the fragrance of the abhiseka protect You! Eyes and hands! May the beauty and the happiness of the service nourish you!