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Fourth Abhisheka


Though the assembly hall filled up with water from the abhiseka, it was no problem for the fish-like eyes of the satisfied spectators. Accepting the form of a fish (Matsya), Hari was thrown into the river by Vaivasvata Manu to give Him more room. Did Paurnamasi arrange for a repeat of this pastime when she ordered the assembled rivers like Yamuna to begin bathing Radha, to give more joy to the unsatisfied eyes (fish) of the spectators? All the best rivers headed by Yamuna, with a thirst forprema, without shame, changed their own bodies to holy tirthas by bathing them in their own tears, and then, with happy hearts, filled all the gold pots with water. "Bathe Radha very gently! She is becoming red from the friction!" Paurnamasi uttered this with tears in her eyes. Whose heart would not melt on seeing Radha in that state?


"O friend! Taste the rasa of pastimes with Your beloved by this bath in Krishna's forest, accompanied by music and the fourth method, danda." (danda is one of four methods of diplomacy including soma, dana, and bheda). Hearing this advice in the form of a blessing, Radha half-closed Her lotus eyes to signify that She had brought Padma, the  friend of Candravali, under control. All the rivers took shelter of Radha and bathed Her with water from the diamond pot. As the creepers grow and smile with flowers when the rain falls at the end of Vaisakha month, breaking the intense summer heat, Radha spread Her glory in the form of smiles, being satisfied with the fourth abhiseka water. The diamond -Studded pot took black and white colors as its rays and offered them as Yamuna and Manasa Ganga to their lord Radha.


O Radha! Rasaraja, the king of rasa, serves you. The treasure of all treaŽsures, Madhava is obedient to You. You, therefore, are the onlv goal of the pot endowed with treasures and water showers, and of Krishna, the treasure who showers rasa:' Saying this, the waters praised Radha with "that" sounds. Look, the long creeper-like rivers have given up uselessness and with white flowers as glistening teeth carry the twin fruits of Radha's breasts. Krishna desires to glance at Radha to increase the bliss, and Radha is eager to look at Him. i do not know what rasa is preventing Them. "Dear friend! Your flute breaks the hearts of everyone in the universe. Your glance has similar properties. Even Radha is bewildered by Your fragrance. Make sure that today these three do not combine."


When a Gandharva whispered this in Krishna's ear in a joking way, Krishna doubled the attractiveness of His flute, glance and fragrance. Thus the ocean of Radha s love swelled, but could not pass the shoreline of Her shyness. It is not astonishing that the streams of water suddenly blossomed with the blue totuses of the eyes of the rivers, for Candrakanti had assumed the form of Radha, and the moonlight had become sunlight. The moon of the sakhis' love, generated from the ocean of beauty during the abhiseka, is astounding milhons of people and driving the cakora eyes of the sakhis mad.


O Radha! Having gazed fully upon Your beloved at this festival, do not close Your eyes. We will become angry if You do not act as we advise." Inner meaning: (Today give up Your anger and admire Him with a smiling face and crooked glances. In the future we will show anger to Him.) After hearing this advice, Radha opened Her eyes and saw Krishna directly before Her.