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First Abhisheka


"O daughter! You are the chief among all the cowherd women. Therefore You should be bathed with the first water (adi rasa, srngara rasa)." Saying this, Paurnamasi gave blessings and Radha lowered Her head in acceptance. The brahmacaris chanted Vedic mantras while Radha, the joy of all eyes, was bathed with pots of water. The effulgence from Radha's incomparably beauŽtiful body appeared to bathe the assembly in showers of nectar.Paurnamasi poured water from the big jeweled pots into smaller pots. When the water fell upon Radha's limbs it seemed that streams of elixir from the full moon were falling on a golden creeper in a forest on Udaya MounŽtain. As the jeweled pots made the sound "jhamjham" over Radha's head, did not the moon, praising Her face, bathe Her in streams of heavenly necŽtar? Paurnamasi bathed Radha in water taken from the middle of the mahapadma (ruby) pot. We all feel the topmost bliss to see the mahapadma of Radha's face.


Radha appears most glorious being bathed by water from the ruby studded pot. It seems that the waxing moon has assumed the role of the thousand-rayed sun, as she emanates light at every second. Radha holds the reflected image of Krishna on Her limbs washed by the abhiseka water, and Krishna holds Radha's image reflected in the abhiseka water to His body. Was this abhiseka of Radha and Krishna in the forest of Vraja twice as spectacular as that of Sita and Rama?


Murari thinks, "Though Radha is purified internally of pride by the streams of My good qualities, She cannot give up the impurities of pride externally." Is Murari thus having Paurnamasi and the others bathe Radha to remove those external impurities? Though there are two expert cultivators called prema who water their crops of goose bumps with their tears, I praise the prema in Radha because when Her cultivator is made splendid by the abhiseka, She makes the cultivator water the goose bump fields of Hari as well. (Radha'sprema is special because its beauty causes Kisna'sprema to increase.)


Then Stoka Krishna spoke to Krishna in a joking mood, "O dear friend! You should not feel any reservation in looking at the abhiseka, because no one can detect Your emotional changes. Everyone is overcome by the beauty of Vrsabhanunandini." In response, Krishna, aiming at Radha's bow like eyebrow, threw the arrow of His glance towards Radha, seated amidst the crowd of sakhis. At that moment, Radha-Krishna and the sakhis simultaneously experienced astoundŽing love in their hearts. Look! All the assembled people, who have different individual emotions, taste their own rasa in seeing the beautiful pastimes of Radha and Krishna. How can they return to a normal state once having entered the ocean of sweet love, the sustenance of their lives?


The eyes of the sakhis, absorbed in admiring the beauty of Radha's limbs adorned with strings of pearls in the form of water drops, imitate Her by decorating themselves with pearl strings of tears. One sakhi says, "O Radha! Do not look upon Hari even by mistake, because a strong show of pride is the only way to invoke love." Receiving this unwelcome advice, Radha squinted Her eyes and threw a cakra of anger at Syamasundara.