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Fifth Abhisheka


Look! Even Syamala and Mangala, tatastha sakhis, taking up a friendly mood (suhrd), have come to bathe Radha. This is not unsuitable for them, as they think Radha is equal to Krishna in nature and beauty, and thus take the rites as their own, just like the public does. The regal power of the throne, camara an d umbrella show great attachŽment to Radha. Now Syamala proudly shows hier great friendship with Radha. But Radha's real friends, Her most intimate servants satisfied with fullprema and constantly shining in Her ever-fresh beauty, are eternally one with Radha in body and mind. But today because of the abhiseka they cannot keep their eyes focussed on Her at all times.


"O Radha! May You be bathed with the fifth water (the fifth rasa, conjugal rasa). In this bath, please accept the fifth mysticsiddhi,prakamya (fulfilling all Your desires) as asvadhina bhartrika (lover who controls and commands the beloved)." When Syamala spoke this blessing, indicating a deep thirst for prema, Radha smiled with Her eyes and accepted this siddhi and rasa which was offered in benediction. Radha appeared glorious when She was bathed in the water of the pot made of cat's eye jewels. Did Radha's body, sprinkling nectar from heaven or the moon, take on the form of a nectar pot?


Above, the pot made oivaidutya took on a dark blue tint, and below it took on the golden complexion of Radha. The streams of water looked as if they had stolen the black and gold bodies of Krishna and Radha from the minds of the sakhis. By touching Radha's hair, which is black like Krishna's forest, the water became the black Yamuna. When the water came to the central city of Radha's lips, it became red like the Sarasvati. And when it came to the space between Radha's breasts, adorned with a white pearl necklace, it became the Manasa Ganga. In this way, the bathing performed by Syamala and other neutral gopis increased Radha's bodily effulgence even more. Did Radha's eyes, becoming cakora birds like those of Hari, then meet with His? As the four eyes mutuŽally drank up the nectar of the other's moonlike faces, they clearly prayed for union. The moon of Radha had finally reached perfection in the shore less ocean of nectar of Krishna, and the cakora eyes of everyone became fixed upon Radha. Could they fix their eyes anywhere else?


"Krishna, why are You looking at Radha, if it causes You to constantly tremble?" Vidagdha jokingly whispered this in Krishna's ear to pacify Him. But instead Krishna's senses became more disturbed, like a river agitated by a strong wind. "O Radha! Look towards Krishna once as a trick. May His mean behavior not cause pain to me as it has done to You!" In response to this advice from a sincere sakhi, Radha feigned anger, bent Her head and secretly gazed at Hari's reflection on the jeweled floor.