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Eighth Abhisheka


Kasturi and other gopis who did austerities to relieve themselves of the desire for Krishna's embrace, whose only desire was the happiness of Radha, made their austerities successful today by bathing Radha.

"O friend! Please accept this eighth abhiseka, containing the love of the eight sakhis (Lalita, Vishakha, Citra, Campakalata, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi and Sudevi) by the eight elements (svami, amatya, suhrt, kosa, rastra, durga, bala and pauravarga), so that You will be endowed with the eight sattvika bhavas."


With munificence the sakhis are bathing Radha, and at every second She is mounting the chariot of their swelling hearts, surpassing the universe and conquering the spiritual sky with Her beauty. The brightly shining, blue sapphire pot bestows on Radha control of all types of wealth and insures Her lordship over conjugal rasa. Radha trembled upon thinking that the blue sapphire pot was none other than Krishna. Look friend! Because of shyness in the assembly, Radha's eyes move rest¬lessly, unable to meet Her beloved in front of Her. But those eyes are em¬bracing their friends the ears, which are full of honey coming from the flute of lotus faced Krishna. (Her eyes swelled to the ears out of great desire.) Though Radha was covered by thick cloth, Her effulgence appeared through it. To remove Radha's embarrassment, it seems Krishna covered Her with the thick glances of His eyes and thus performed another abhiseka. The lotus eyes of the sakhis blossomed in the abhiseka waters, and the bee-like eyes of Hari played joyfully in the sunlight of the festival.


"During the festival, do not cover Your perspiring body in tears, for these tears nourish Your bodily hairs standing on end like thorns." While embrac¬ing Krishna, Subala whispered this in His ear. Radha's eyes jumped like fish in the waters of the abhiseka because the cloud with lightning (Krishna with yellow cloth) had appeared. O friend! Look, it is not only because of the bold instructions (vamya bhava) given bv Her friends that Radha is now frowning. Thinking of Her own benefit Radha is listening to that mantra, and now, because of that, She is frowning at Krishna. Like the moon, Radhika illuminates Her own and other groups of sakhis, constantly nourishes the ocean of Krishna, and showers bliss¬ful light upon the forests of Vrindavana.