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The King's Throne and Abhisheka Ingredients


"In the middle of this grove in the eastern direction is a famous house. At this place, stained red with the wives of the directions, the sun manifests as the royal throne. O sakhil After the abhiseka You will sit on this golden throne. At that time the embodied treasure of Vmdavana (Krishna) will come to You. Now first enter the northern chamber. This yard, filled with the abhiseka ingredients, spreads glory in all directions, like the sky filled with stars. Like the rising moon, You should stay here.


"Look there! Paurnamasi with the assistance of some brahmacaris is ex¬pertly performing a sacrifice for Your prosperity. The streams of ghee are the Ganga River, and Shiva's gray matted locks can be seen in the smoke." As Radha became attracted to Her groves by the words of Vrinda, the goddess of the forests, She tinted Vrinda's complexion with Her own emo¬tions. They mutually increased each other's bliss. Radha entered the north¬ern chamber, resplendent with flower gates, attractive lamps, rows of shining pots, and heaps of auspicious ingredients. There Radha saw a place called the Sarvabhauma Grha, a square made of flowers, measuring twenty hands, with flags around it.


There was a flower house surrounded by rows of the best trees, with a jeweled floor, like the moon rising amidst the mountains of the eight direc¬tions. In that grove a pot made of sapphires and a row of lamps, substitutes for Murari and the sakhis, mutually added splendor to each other. As the moon lights up the ocean, the exquisite chamber made of white flowers lit up the sapphire altar.Then Radha, surrounded by Her associates and under the attentive protec¬tion of Paurnamasi, sat in the southern courtyard near the throne, which was covered by a splendid canopy.