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The Glory of Krishna


As a black flickering cloud embraced by lightning, in proximity to the moon, becomes bright and lights up the water, dark Murari, wearing yellow cloth, exhibited great unsteadiness in front of Radha and diffused condensed rasa. As the peacock shows great attachment upon seeing the clouds and spreads its tail to assume a dark color, Krishna, with His peacock feather ornament, giinja beads, and His hair bound in a topknot, became eager for the rain of Radha's abhiseka. As Cupid is smiling, equipped with flower arrows, gives enjoyment to his wife Rati, has the insignia of the makara, and disturbs the hearts of mankind, similarly, Krishna, with His makara earrings and with the flower arrow of His smile, which excites even Rati, melts the hearts of all attending the abhiseka. The expansive sky with all its stars welcomes the full moon with the Vishakha Naksatra on the Purnima Tithi. Similarly, Krishna's chest, with its beautiful jewel necklaces, tries to unite with the body of Radha, decorated with twenty three and a half moons, during the festival arranged by Paurnamasi, in order to create even greater beauty.


The intoxicated elephant had arrived to bathe the lotus women with show¬ers of nectarean sounds from His flute, which He held in His trunk-like hand. Where can we see such events? Nourished by the auspiciousness of the abhiseka, shining nicely like banana trunks reflecting the lamplight, and wrapped in cloth decorated with a jeweled belt, Krishna's thighs took on an extraordinary beauty.He whose luster conquers the moon, whose youthfulness agitates Cupid, whose excellent qualities make Him the acaryu, who holds deep love within, and who expresses more affection for His beloved than Himself, became controlled by Radha. The birthplace of sweet nectar, whose youthfulness is the origin of the luster of bright jewels, the ocean of rasa, Syamasundara, along with His dear friends endowed with similar taste, bathed Radha in an ocean of rasa.


Beauty of the Limbs


Knowing well in advance that at the public place there would be no oppor¬tunity of uniting their two bodies, did the two beautiful bodies now quickly unite? The shining musk ointment of Syamasundara enhanced the flashing beauty of Radha, and Her radiance enhanced His black form. The mixing of Their colors produced a natural perfection. On the testing stone of Krishna's body, Radha's golden lines were revealed. Is Cupid testing this golden woman overcome with love?


Nowhere can be found such effulgent blackness. And nowhere can be found such golden effulgence. Can one executing austerities for a long time attain this ocean of beauty of the young couple? It is not astonishing that the beautiful effulgence of the Divine Couple, excited by the festival, made the lotus eyes of the heavenly women blossom, and infinitely increased the ocean of bliss of the sakhis. Though Hari was eager for Radha, He became embarrassed seeing elders in all directions. Thus doe-eyed Radha's eyes moved here and there in a crooked manner. The public was full of bliss and the sakhis were ready to burst. With profusegoose bumps they remembered the prediction. "Murari will have the heavenly women bathe Radha and make Her the ruler of Vrindavana." O eyes! Your enjoyment of sweet love has now arrived!