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Paurnamasi's Mantras, Omens, and Meditation


Paurnamasi, wearing white cloth, sat on an asana uttering santi mantras as part of her vrata. She saw auspicious omens upon offering the ghee into the sacrificial fire. She heard the deep rumble of chariots, and saw the tongues of fire turn to the right. At that moment, the audience let out a thunderous roar, and circumambulated the fire to the right. The damsels of heaven showered flowers and the singers recited praises. It seemed that in jest they were mimŽicking the showers of flowers. Suddenly from all directions a sound arose: "O worshipable Paurnamasi! Quickly perform all the proper rites." Then Paurnamasi, meditating on the heavenly women, made them appear in person.


Demigoddesses Arrive and Paurnamasi's Call


Uma, Yamuna, Manasa Ganga, and the wives of the sun, Chaya and Sanjna, appeared. They sprinkled/?arc;ata flowers on Radha's head and blessed Her after gazing at Her for a long time. Paying respects to Paurnamasi and the sakhis, they stood motionless with tears and goose bumps manifesting on their bodies.As the demigoddesses gazed upon Radha's beauty and the love of Her associates, they appeared to be golden creepers bathed by their own drops of honey. Though they were bewildered out of thirst from drinking that beauty, Paurnamasi brought them back to normal by speaking as follows. Paurnamasi said, "O heavenly women! Now that you have come to Vraja, you must perform Radha's abhiseka, so that the whole world will be asŽtounded."


Doubts Removed


On hearing this, Chaya, the mother of Saturn, spoke to Paurnamasi to instruct her, but the answer became a major instruction for her own followŽers. Chaya asked, "O Devi! We hold your inviolable order on our heads like heavenly flowers. But in our doubtful hearts we find no bliss. We have heard from the mouths of the personified Vedas that Laksmi cannot compare with Radha. The cause for our sorrow is that Radha will only be ruling over the fweyojanas of Vmdavana. We would be satisfied if Radha becomes the ruler of the whole universe!"Paurnamasi responded to these words of the mother of Saturn with an astonishing laugh, and then looked towards the face of Uma.


Uma said, "Please listen my friend! There are many powers gained through the secret knowledge found in the Vedas such as fulfilling desires by austerŽity, gaining material things throughyajnas, preventing suffering by mantra, enjoying all powers through worshiping the devas, attaining happiness through yoga siddhis, achieving purity through visiting holy places, attaining yoga powers through the mahajanas, and gaining sense enjoyment by entering Svarga. But all the things necessary for a person to cross the ocean of material existence and to attain Krishna prema that are found in the Vedas, are easily found in the area of Mathura. "The Lord's sandhini sakti resides there. It is the Lord's internal energy, svarupa wkti, which is the very image of the Lord Himself; for the energy and the possessor of energy are not different. Therefore the holy dhama of Mathura is etern ally associated with the cit sakti of the Lord. As the sun and its light are inseparably co-existing, so the Lord and His dhama are also non-different.


"Whatever wonderful qualities are found in Mathura, the birth place or eternal residence of Krishna, are also found in Vraja's forests in a more concenŽtrated form with no obstructions. It is well known that Vrindavana measures only fweyojanas (forty miles), but it is not like other places. Thus in ancient times, Lord Brahma himself saw all the countless brahmandas (universes) situated within Vrindavana. "The Lord infuses His own sakti into places that are not His eternal dhamas in order to enjoy pastimes. Then what can we say about Vrindavana, where all His energies are eternally present? O friend! Please understand that all inŽconceivable powers and spiritual love aic eternally present in Vrindavana. And in that place Radhika is completely qualified to receive the abhiseka. Such honor is certainly befitting Her." In that assembly, which resembled a lake, the lotus faces blossomed with smiles of satisfaction at Uma's words, which were like the autumn season.


Radha's Longing and Paurnamasi's Arrangement


Feeling anxious, Radhika lowered Her head and thought, "Will I be fortuŽnate enough to see Syama and His indescribable pastimes on the occasion of My abhiseka0! Now, even a speck of His aroma is absent. Having been offered the lordship of His forests, and having seen these heavenly women, I wonder why I am still eager to see His face. Where are You playing now? There are too many people near Me now. Is Paurnamasi remembering Me in this situŽation? O Krishna! How will I be able to see You?"


Reading Radha's thoughts by seeing the emotions on Her face, Paurnamasi said to Vrinda, "Quickly bring me the sapphire gem of Vraja!" Lalita and the other sakhis were also thinking about this, so when they heard Paurnamasi's words they became blissful. Then Radha said to Herself, "O fickle heart, be comforted."