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News of Krishna's Arrival


From that place, Paurnamasi sent a sakhi to inform Radha that Krishna had come alone. The bliss that that news generated filled all the auspicious items with more bliss. But before the sakhi sent by Paurnamasi could inform Radha of Krishna's coming, Radha could understand the news about Krishna, by seeing the symptoms on the pure-hearted sakhi.


Krishna's Joy


While holding auspicious items in their hands all the gopis were wor¬shiped by the young girls, the personified jewels of the earth. Desiring to bring Radha to the abhiseka mandapa, they cheered, "Now may You be victorious." To the accompaniment of dancing, singing and music that com¬peted to conquer the universe, Radha walked with increasing splendor to attain lordship over the forests of Hari. When lotus-eyed Syama saw Radha from a hidden place in the forest His voice became choked up, His body changed color and horripilated. He trembled, perspired, wept, became stunned, and fell unconscious.With Subala's assistance Syama regained consciousness. Then, His body covered with goose bumps, Krishna blissfully spoke to Subala in a soft voice, "Radha is the perfection of all My accumulated pious activities. She alone can give Me bliss. Without Radha, My mind and intelligence cannot func¬tion. The kunkuma of Radha's effulgence defeats the sun, the creeper of Her body harasses the lightning, and the lotus of Her face conquers the moon. In the sky of My heart all three of these lights are simultaneously shining.

"Radha's toenails are suitable for Candraloka. Her skill in love astonishes Rati, the wife of Cupid. With the appearance of Radha's moon like qualities, even the night-blooming lotus shrivels. Tell Me Subala, is there anyone who can equal Her? No one can equal Radha!


"Radha, the friend of Lalita, who proceeds to My groves with dancing eyes, crooked glances, and the gait of a drunken elephant, has completely con¬quered Me with Her playful actions. As the glories of the devatas become eclipsed beside the glories of Radha, so all the piles of flowers showered by the heavenly women cannot compare with the smiling beauty of Vrsabhanunandini. O best of friends, Subala! Lalita is whispering in Radha's ear. From this it seems that I will have good fortune only after a long time! "Subala, Lalita is saying, 'O Radha! Accept the Sarvabhauma Grha with courtyards and all opulences. But avoid dealing with Krishna, who likes to steal one's mind and life. Give up consideration of disrespect. Do not feel shy about expressing Your anger. Inner meaning: (Go and enjoy with Krishna in His royal house called "Vinoda" and fulfil Your desires by going to His grove. Enjoy love by special embrace. When You are satisfied with the love pastimes of Hari in the forests that scent Your limbs with musk and aguru, You should give up consideration of all pride.)


 'If Krishna comes out of His arbor and appears before You, glancing with desire, He will make Your eyes swim with desire for pastimes. You will lose all thought of respect. When Syama cuts You to pieces with His glances, You should pierce Him with the arrow of Your counter glances. I know that is Your desire. There should be no hesitation in doing this. If there is, I will solve the problem.' "Subala, is Lalita giving this type of teaching to My beloved, who desires to see My grove? I understand that Cupid has appeared, for I feel pressure in all My limbs. O friend! Look! Rising gracefully above the spotless flower house, served by the cakora birds of the eyes of its inhabitants, is the Punarvasu Naksatra (Radha) in its own house (Cancer) shining like the moon. Look! Chaya, the wife of the sun, is using the best jeweled lamps to perform continu¬ous arati to Radha, who is sitting on a golden throne, surrounded by Paurnamasi, the sakhis, friends and the heavenly maidens. The assembled persons have begun singing auspicious songs in choked voices, breaking out in goose bumps and shedding tears. When the jewels of the lamps come near Radha, My heart goes berserk.


"Hey sakha! The sakhis have placed auspicious pots on either side of Radha's throne. Have those two pots attained a place on Her chest as breasts? Radha, whose glory cannot be disputed by the learned, has placed rice, barley shoots and fruits on a gold plate. By that, the lotus-faced Laksmi has blessed the festival with all success. "Subala! Look! By the permission of Paurnamasi, Radha, praised by all the people, has ascended the gold throne and is increasing its splendor. Sit¬ting on the throne on the platform in the kunja mandira, Radha, desired by even Cupid, is constantly radiating Her effulgence and completely over¬whelming Me. As Radha sits on the gem-studded, incomparably crafted throne, She forcibly attracts My mind with Her golden lotus face, golden scepter and other royal attire.


"Of friend! Has some sorceress of men, unseen before, appeared here?

seeing Radha,s all atractive form,the sakhis are drowning in an ocean of bliss. They are so overwhelmed with joy that they cannot see, act, or even speak. Oh My friend Subala, that is My Radhika! "Giving up Her anger towards Me, She has now made Her appearance. Radha will now be bathed and assume royal status like Me. What more could I desire?".

While Murari conversed in this way with His friend Subala, Radha had become extremely anxious to see Him. Paurnamasi heard this news from Vishakha.


Paurnamasi Brings Krishna


Understanding everything, Paurnamasi asked Parvati, "O Bhavani, is this the proper moment for my desires to come true?"

Bhavani replied, "In this world, Vraja is the only suitable place for the jivas. Here, Krishna can bestow blessings on those aspiring for love."

Smiling, Paurnamasi said, "See my mystic powers!" Saying this she pulled Hari, His head bowed and slightly smiling, from His hiding place and brought Him to the abhiseka mandapa.