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Description of the Grove


Responding to Radha's complaints, Vrinda said, "O Radhe! This house of creepers is splendid with its flowers, new shoots and swarms of bees. It has many trees, gardens and jeweled floors. It has many types of courtyards and arches over the entrances. O Swamini! There is one large chamber and six high surrounding rooms. On the four sides are four huge doors.Long before, I made this kunjagrha (forest cottage) just for You. Without a doubt even if four-headed Brahma tried for a long time to describe this structure, he would quickly become speechless. These creeper bowers, with the network of ascending light rays, surpass even houses made of jewels. Has Brahma ever seen the remarkable sweetness of the flowers, bees and cuckoos here?


The First Chamber


"O woman with a gorgeous face! This creeper house is equipped with jewel pots with lights and is laden with fruit. For Your festival it has become effulgent, happy in body and is yawning like a woman in love. (The woman in love wears ornaments, her breasts become prominent, and she bends under their weight. To show her desire she yawns.) "O Radha! This satapatrika tree standing among many tall trees is the best of ornaments, not only for its flowers, but because it is reaching to the sky to make friends with the stars. Oh Swamini! The peacocks have come here to constantly admire the beauty of You and Syama. In absence of You, they worship the dark rain clouds decorated with lightning.

"O sakhi If You perform amorous pastimes in these bower houses, the eyes of the deer will be satisfied and the Creator's efforts will bear fruit. The eyelids of the wives of the devatas that do not blink are now fluttering in joy, as if an auspicious time had arrived.


The Second Room


"This second room has a temple spread with bakula and kimsuka flowers (red). Has the fragrance taken a form or has the color become personified? How to understand that? The kimsuka flowers have taken up the fragrance of the bakula and the bakula flowers have taken up the red color of the kimsuka. Thus the bees, going to the kimsuka flower and then to the bakula flower, think,'What is this?'


The Third Room


"O Radha! Come into the third chamber. It is filled withpatala and mallika blossoms. The mind will become unsteady, thinking of the moon gladdened hv stars in thf» pink glow nf evening This room is like a mnnnstnno being flooded with the juice of the mallika flowers like a waterfall of moonbeams. As the moonstone solidifies the moonlight, the grove catches the fragrance of the mallika flowers. But it also appears like a sun stone, catching the red fire of the sun's rays.


The Fourth Chamber


"O sakhil Here is the fourth chamber of creepers, which is golden with karnika flowers. When You enter this room with Your effulgence, You will turn even the bees golden, what to speak of other items. The Vidyadharas fly to this kamika tree thinking it is Sumeru Mountain, but seeing Your unprec¬edented beauty, which acts like a watchman to the palace, they become stunned in bliss.


The Fifth Chamber


"The fifth chamber is enhanced with lavanga creepers and saturated with bees. When You manifest Your pastimes, love will blossom in this room. The fragrance of the lavanga creepers spreads through this grove. At this place people mistake the bees wandering here and there to be smoke from aro¬matic incense.


The Sixth Chamber


"Radha, now enter the sixth chamber which is splendid with campaka creepers embracing tamala trees. Thinking that it has the complexions of both of You (Radha and Krishna), this creeper house is drenched in tears, which seem to increase at every moment. One who compares this campaka embraced by the tamala tree with a gold house studded with sapphires has not seen the beauty of Your two forms.


The Seventh Chamber


"Osakhi\ Enter the seventh chamber covered with various creepers. Just now it has become filled with illusion and thus You should call it "Mohana." This bower, with its variety of colored flowers, is spreading a profound beauty suitable for Your love. The cooing birds imitate the soft words of lovers.