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Krishna's Glance and the Chapter Conclusion


Desiring to see the abhiseka of Radha, who is endowed with all good qualities, Hari murmured to Himself, "Radha must look towards Me at least once." Then Radha threw a side-long glance in His direction. Spreading a smiling countenance at Her own festival, humbling the most worshipable women, offering various emotions like a river to Hari, and over¬flowing with beauty generated from a whirlpool of pride, may the remark¬able eyes of Radha, the intimate friend of Lalita, be forever glorified.I eternally serve beautiful Krishna and my guru who drowned me in an ocean of mercy, who gave their lotus feet to this childish fool who was almost dead, and seeing my whimsical nature, protected me with their affectionate glances.