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The Arrival of Krishna's Scent


No sooner had Radha entered Her own grove than She smelled the aroma of Krishna's body. Though agitated, Radha managed to control Herself and spoke privately to Vrinda. "O Devi! Do I see Hari or have I been mistaken because His fragrance has spread here? Tell Me if Hari is here somewhere and then I can be relieved." Wiping the tears from Radha's lotus eyes, Vrinda spoke some sweet, comŽforting words. Vrinda said, "O sakhi\ Jatila has come here with her son Abhimanyu with the intention of discovering the love affair between You and Krishna. Therefore, rather reluctantly Madhava has entered the madhavika grove with His friends. Now hear the cunning words Saibya told old Jatila, because one cannot reduce one's pain without revealing one's anguish to a close friend.


"Saibya said, 'Old lady Jatila! Please keep Krishna away from Radha so that He cannot mix intimately with Her. Inner meaning: (You have done well to put your daughter in the care Hari.) Now go there with your son and tell Krishna this advice meant to instill sense control in a gentleman, "O Krishna! You and I will stay behind Radha at some distance during this festival.'" Vrinda-devi continues, "So Radha, when I saw that old blind Jatila and Abhimanyu coming with the intention of implementing Saibya's advice, I called Jatila's son over to me with a motion of my hand. I said, Abhimanyu! See! The devas are laughing in the sky because you have come to see the abhiseka of your own wife. How shameful!'


"On hearing this, the son of Jatila fled to Kamyavan. Then I went to Jatila and said, 'Old lady! Your son is afflicted with rheumatism. Muttering someŽthing again and again, he ran to the Yamuna.' After removing Abhimanyu from the scene and sending Malati to console Hari, I have come to You. Hey Radhe! Do not lament at all." Filled with the elixir of Vrada's words, Radha entered Her remarkable  grove alone, with hopes of meeting Krishna, Though internally obsessed with desire, externally Radha seemed calm. "Though I have not examined this grove completely, it seems that it is not very suitable for service. I feel that in this grove our amorous pastimes cannot manifest." Holding the tender hand of Vrinda and crying profusely, Radha said this as She went from grove to grove, Her body covered in goose bumps.