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Appearance of Sarasvati and Offerings


When the sky became full of flowers, the presiding deity of the beauty of flowers appeared as Sarasvati. Seeing this, Yamuna informed Paurnamasi. With Paurnamasi's permission, Sarasvati entered holding a brilliant casket. Opening the casket, Sarasvati said, "Savitra is offering this lotus garland. Indrani is offering this gold asana. The wife of Kubera is offering jeweled ornaments; the wife of Varuna is offering a golden danda; the wife of Vayu is offering two white camaras; Svaha, the wife of Agni, is offering two pieces of cloth; and the wife of Yamaraja is offering a jeweled mirror through my hands.


"Previously the demons had stolen these treasures worthy of Vrindavana. The devas conquered the demons and retrieved these items. Now, they have given them all to us. But the brilliance of these treasures destroys the radi- ance in our effulgent families. Without enjoying these items, we have brought them here. Let them attain newer and newer attachment to the beauty of Radhika."When the effulgence of these items mingled in a friendly way with the effulgence of Radha, the sakhis worshiped the words that Narada had previČously spoken. In ecstasy, Paurnamasi handed the items to Lalita and said to the heavenly women, "You must personally perform the auspicious rites."


The Rivers and Lakes Arrive


Thereafter, huge drums and other instruments resounded. Astounding the universe, the waters of the Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati appeared simultaČneously from their right hands. All the best tirthas of the world, the tirthas of Vrindavana, and the perspiration of Paurnamasi, gathered to form a huge lake not far away. Lotuses began blooming as the jeweled area became covered with their waters. The bodies of water and the assembled persons became filled with bliss upon hearing the happy chirping of various birds.


Bringing the Waters


As the auspicious moment arrived, the musicians played all the notes. Spurred on by the singing and dancing, the public became more joyful. DiČviding themselves into three groups, the musicians increased their enthusiČasm by playing different tunes and mixing with the rivers and the followers of Radha inprema. Then by the permission of Paurnamasi, Vrinda and the asta-sakhis, surČrounded by the heavenly women, carefully carried the nine pots. Bringing the pots, which were inlaid with nine jewels, under the shade of the canopy, they worshiped them with flowers, shoots, scents and fruit, and then put the pots on their heads. They were surrounded by music, lamps, winnowing baskets, and groups of young women with smiling faces.Then the sakhis filled the pots with that water, which had been worshiped according to the rules, while the four types of instruments (string, wind, percussion, and brass,) resounded. It seemed that they were filling up their minds with condensed rasa. Holding the jeweled pots on their heads like crowns, the sakhis increased in brilliance as they stood on the riverbank, while beautiful women showered flowers and the attractive thoughts in their minds.


The beautiful thighs of the sakhis challenged the trunks of elephants, and their movements defeated the movement of the elephants. Did not their breasts steal the forehead bumps of elephants?

Each of the nine pots used in the nine abhisekas was made of a different jewel: (padma-coral, mahapadma-ruby, sankha-pearl, makara-diamond, kacchapa-cat's eye, mukunda-emerald, kunda-yeMcw sapphire, n//a-blue sapphire and varcca or kharba (gomeda) These jewels are the nova ratna, representing the nine planets. Appearing like devas as they moved effortČlessly from the pond, the sakhis increased the splendor of the gopis' procesČsion. Then some of the beautiful women, who had gathered at the flower pavilČion along with the pots, performed arati to Lalita and the others using the best of gems, while facing the golden throne.


Kalasa Sthapana (Establishing the Pots)


Circling the interior starting from the eastern direction, and covering all directions, they placed the nine pots on unhusked rice in front of the golden throne. While purifying the pots with mantras they placed kunkuma, red cloth, garlands, many scents, and mahausadhi water on the pots. On the mouths of the pots they put sandalwood paste and nine leaves. The peoples' eyes widened with joy upon seeing the presiding deities of the pots headed by Durga appear in person.