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The Sakhis Glorify Radha


As they entered Vrindavana while performing many activities and encourČaging each other, the chief sakhis said to Radha, who walked as stately as an elephant. "Hey Radhe! Though Vrindavana has Madhusudana, it has wilted in separation from You. Now Vrindavana is worshiping You with songs as mantras while paying respects with blossoming trees. O lotus-faced one! Do not be sad! This tamala tree (Krishna) in front is eager to receive You. EmbracČing it, You will emanate Your own bliss and thereby give bliss to Vrindavana. "Look sakhi\ In this dark forest the campaka creepers, swaying in the breeze like hundreds of hands, are offering arati to You with their flower buds as flames. Look there! The madhavi creeper, dropping petals from its bunches of loose flowers, appears to be sprinkling puffed rice all around You as an auspicious ritual. Radhe! The lotus trees, having seated You on an incomparable asana sprinkled with piles of pollen, are bathing You with streams of nectar flowing from pots in the form of the flower buds."As the cuckoos sing the enchanting fifth note and the Malayan winds play the leaves as instruments, the creepers dance in honor of Your abhiseka. All the trees are nodding their heads like connoisseurs. On the occasion of the festival the gentle breezes sprinkle yellow pollen saturated with honey here and there, as if throwing oil-soaked turmeric on each other in bliss.


"Beautiful moon face! By the influence of Your festival the white water lilies are blooming in the water, even in the daytime. They appear to be arguing with the lotuses through the sound of the buzzing bees. Instead of flying away, the parrots remain to sing Your glories during the festival. Upon hearing Your sweet voice, however, they have become stunned to silence. In anticipation of the streams of water from Your abhiseka, the peacocks are dancing with indescribable abandon. Their tails are shaking and they make our eyes dance as well. "Giving up their fawns, the does are following You to offer You the grass in their mouths as arghya. But they have become wonder-struck at the beauty of Your eyes. O friend, look there! The Pulinda woman are gathering the gunja seeds and gaurika powder that have fallen from Your breast and the feet of Krishna onto the grass and smearing it on their bodies.


"The followers of Vrinda and the protectors of Krishna's forests have gathČered together to observe Your festival. But bewildered by Your beauty they are repentant for not doing their duty (forbidding entrance to the forests). Now we have almost come to the place of the abhiseka, for all the people have stopped moving. The instrumental music has increased in intensity to expand the bliss. From this area, Vmda and more of Your sakhis are coming to meet You. Their eyes are drenched in the nectarean streams of Your beauty.


"Before us Vrindavana looks very beautiful with its many groves. It seems to be laughing in its brightness, and devouring the beauty of Svarga with its tongues in the form of fluttering flags. O friend, look! Just ahead of us, Paurnamasi, worshipable as the best of yoginis, stands blissfully by the gate. With motherly affection she is singing an invocation. Paurnamasi and her friends are looking towards the path with great anxiety."In this way, the sakhis finished their description of Radha and the heavenly women met Her. Giving bliss to all with Her beauty, the finest in all creation, Radha entered the gate.