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The Demigoddesses Appreciate Radha's Beauty


On seeing the superb beauty of Radha some heavenly women became completely ashamed of their own beauty. Others, however, became enchanted and followed Radha. While walking next to the sakJiis, they described Radha's splendor. The demigoddesses said, "Just see! The long rays of Radha's beauty color Her followers internally as well as externally. And from far off, they attract us so much that they are ordering us to follow Her footsteps. Though Laksmi performed extreme austerities, she could not get the association of Krishna. But Krishna is completely satisfied with Radha, who has a beautiful bodily luster and also desires Him. When will we have the good fortune to continu¬ally relish the fragrance of Radha's lotus feet?


"Though the Creator has given the gopis eyelids to impede their vision, they still ceaselessly serve the sweetness of Radha's lotus face. We have no eyelids, but must remain far away. On two counts the Creator is foolish! See! See! If we could not distinguish Radha from other women of equal beauty, we would be able to understand because all eyes, like bees, would naturally gravitate towards Her."


Radha's Sweetness


"O friend! Radha is not the crescent moon in the twilight, nor can She be a creeper tinged with pollen. How can we know Her? Radha is dressed in the red cloth of the essence of all beauty and affection. If various flowers fall at the lotus feet of Radha, they become infused with the pink hue of the lac dye on Her feet. It seems that out of shame the flowers offer their softness to Radha's lotus feet. Though the path is full of flowers, the sw ai m ul bees is falling at Radha's feet. I think that the bees mistake Her feet for two moving lotuses because of their honey sweet fragrance. As Radha moves along the path, She anoints the sakhis with the kunkiima of Her glance. She ornaments them with Her touch and feeds them the nectar of Her words. In this way Radha creates a shower of happiness."


The Sakhis' Engagements


"See friend! Lalita holds a peacock fan and stands on the right side of her swamini. Radha is casting a distressful crooked glance at Lalita. Vishakha, who in another form is known as Yamuna, walks on Radha's left side. She holds a picture of Hari in her hand. Noticing it, Radha touches the picture. This makes Her hair stand on end and Her body tremble. Campakalata walks behind Vishakha carrying a tiny jeweled casket for Krishna. Seeing it, Radha thinks of it as Her own heart. When Radha's tilaka fades from the perspiration due to remembering Krishna, Citra is there to restore it. Not only does she draw pictures (citra) or tilaka on Radha's limbs, but Citra astounds (vicitrata) the hearts of all in the universe.


"Friend! Tungavidya walks behind Radha reciting the glories of Krishna. Her eloquent speech reveals her identity as the incarnation of Sarasvati. In the front to the right (south) is Indulekha, who offers Radha tambula during intimate pastimes and listens to confidential topics. Radha is attracted to her face and heart. Ranga-devi, the incarnation of music, brings the lifeless vina to life with her songs of Hari as she walks on Radha's left side. "Sudevi walks behind Radha. Filled with love of Hari, her body is non-different from Radha's and she is knowledgeable of emotions and the mind. Leading the way, Kundalata praises Radha with humorous words. It seems that the gentle smiling and the movement of the sakhis' eyebrows are drawing Radha forward.Kundalata said, "Look, Radha's loyal and enthusiastic sakhis move be¬hind, in front, and on the sides of Her. Knowing that love always attracts, the Creator has made this arrangement. Headed by Bhanumati, the hundreds of gopis gazing at Radha's face seem to be spilling nectar from their eyes, as if the goddess of nectar consumption is criticizing them for their indulgence.


"As the constellations such as Krttika moving in the sky meet the moon which gives bliss to the cakora bird, so many beautiful girls bearing auspi¬cious items in their hands leave their houses and gather before Radha. Look friend! It seems that the sakhis, just by their gentle laughing and glancing at the beauty of the gateways, have made a hundred moon rays (Candravali) rise from the edge of the village.

"O friends of Radha! Do not envy the moon. Cover the rays of the sun from the moon light by the eastern mountains. (With your breasts protect the beauty of Radha from the hands of Candravali.) As the pink dawn, brighter than a million flashes of lightning, withers the moon before the sunrise, the sakhis preceding Radha on the path eclipse the beauty of Candravali with their gorgeous pink garments.

"With their heads raised skyward and their joyful words, the sakhis seem to respond to our blissful words, saying, 'What to speak of the beauty of the lady of our life, our faces defeat the beauty of the moon light (Candravali)-. As female swans sweetly chortle at the edge of the Milk Ocean and Jambudvipa, and move through the edge of the forest and within Vraj a, a place white with milk and yogurt, Radha astonishes the heart with the indistinct jingling sounds from the Her waist bells.'


Fear of Krishna


"Seeing the moon of Hari with the star clusters of His friends near the kadamba tree of Udaya Mountain, the sakhis, in great fear of having their honey stolen, surrounded lotus-eyed Radha to protect Her from the attack of the bees (Krishna).


Yasoda Offers Radha to Paurnamasi


"See here! Kirtida and the other elders along with Yasoda, thinking of leaving that place, approach Radha and offer Her hand to Paurnamasi, bath¬ing themselves in tears. In pleading voices they say, 'We have always offered Krishna and Radha to your hands, but today we are especially offering Them to you. You are the only one who can protect this life-giving herb nourished with the beauty of vana laksmi (forest goddess) and the upcoming festival.' "At the time of farewell, they embraced Radha and departed with great difficulty. While repeatedly wiping away their tears, they desired to remain for some time to associate with the beauty of Radha. Then, filled with the nectar of festival topics, Yasoda and the others returned home."


The Demigoddesses Descend as Gopis


"We will not be able to see the gopis from the spaces between the tree branches. But we will see them by descending to earth and taking up roles as gopis." Saying this, the heavenly women arrived quickly from all directions to see Radha and the gopis. With great longing to see Radha to their full satisfaction, they entered flower-filled Vrindavana, and constantly showered flowers while following the gopis.