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Chapter Five


"The moon of the family of Nanda gave bliss to His friends by playing on His flute.'' Hearing this news, anxious Radha manifested various sattxika bhavas. Meanwhile, the sakhis prepared for the abhiseka in great excite¬ment. The mothers and relatives of Radha and Krishna brought all auspicious items. Concealing a desire deep in hei hcai i, Paurnamasi chanted;'a/?a to invoke peace and good fortune. The intelligent cowherd men headed by Nanda Maharaja forgot everything else and talked only of the festival. Being praised by the poets and general public, they distributed immense wealth. In this way the preliminary auspicious ceremonies were completed, the night ended, and the brahma muhurta arrived. The sleeping children woke up with exuberance at the end of night, and found that their hairs were standing on end. On this occasion, the cowherds gave an order not to milk the cows. The cows, however, as if disobeying the order, turned the earth into the Milk Ocean with their free flow of milk. After quickly completing her morning duties, Paurnamasi met thegopis and blessed them. Then she sat on an asana to accept their worship.