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Arrival and Chapter Conclusion


The moon light of Radha's face rose in the abhiseka mandapa. The eyes of all onlookers, like rows of cakora birds, were anxious to drink the nectar stream of Radha's beauty. But touching just a drop of that beauty, they be¬came intoxicated and stunned. All glories to the full moon Laksmi of Vrindavana as She rose in the best of groves, bringing the trees and creepers of that gathering into blossom with Her moonlight smile, and watering them with the tears from their own eyes.I eternally serve the beautiful Krishna, and Shri Rupa Gosvami, the servant of Krishna, who bestowed the light of their toenails to this suffering soul, who completely cleansed the mirror of my heart through the bestowal of invin¬cible bhakti, and who gave me a cintamani gem, though I desired other things.