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Vrinda Arrives


When Paurnamasi sat down her body erupted in goose bumps. Vrinda, holding garlands prepared by the sakhis, approached and spoke some chosen words in a choked voice.

Vrinda said, "All wealth that gives rise to anger and sorrow will be used to enact this blissful festival. Giving up the dark moon tithi, which destroys love, the full moon is delighting the eyes of the world. According to the divine instructions, perform the adhivasa ceremony of Radha, who is deco¬rated with garlands touched by Her beloved Syama, for lordship over the realm of Vrindavana."

Hearing Vrinda's sweet words, the women and Paurnamasi lost their senses for a moment in a flood of bliss that temporarily stole their power of dis¬crimination. From all directions, lotus-eyed women, with love similar to Radha's assembled in that place. The sky and the earth resounded with the sound of their ornaments. Their gait surpassed the grace of swans. As cakora birds assemble to see the beauty of the full moon, the blissful Kundalata, Dhanistha, and Nandimukhi came, filled with unsurpassed/?rema and bliss¬ful with rasa.


Kundalata's Speech


Kundalata, Nandimukhi, and Dhanistha paid respects to Paurnamasi, and with tears in their eyes met with the sakhis. Kundalata, the wife of Subhadra, then sprinkled the universe with showers of honey as she spoke. Kundalata said, "On the occasion of this great festival of Radha's abhiseka, the bliss of friends cannot be contained nor measured. The bliss has filled the land of Vraja, conquered the four directions and flooded the universe. The cowherd friends of Krishna are gossiping in groups, laughing with goose bumps, and some are laughing while getting dressed. Some are wandering about spreading beauty in all directions. Nanda Maharaja's servants, who call out for others to help build agoshalla, have become stunned while doing their work. Previously when no one volunteered, they would use any means to get the job done.


"O Nanda! While you are overwhelmed with love do not foigel this state¬ment, 'Radha-Krishna are the crest jewel of the universe.' All day Nanda Maha¬raja wanders around with wide opened eyes thinking, 'Can this soundless message that arises again and again be true?'


"As the bright sun of Jyestha month, desiring the beauty of its daughter Yamuna, sprinkles rain, and then in the monsoon season blissfully pours showers of rain, so Vrsabhanu, desiring the good fortune of His daughter Radha, distributes the wealth of the whole universe on the occasion of the abhiseka. The elders are constantly speaking, 'We are reaping the effects of all the pious acts we have done since childhood in seeing Radha's beauty at the abhiseka ceremony.' "Crazy Mukhara, (Radha's grandmother) with withered body, sang while dancing very expertly before the assembled gopis in such a way that a great roar of laughter arose. Kirtida thinks, 'I am going to perform the abhiseka for Radha's coronation.' As her desire ripens at every step, milk falls from her breasts.


"When Kirtida informed Yasoda about the abhiseka, Yasoda embraced her. Then all the assembled persons, with tears in their eyes, said, 'You two should protect us constantly by holding more and more such festivals for your children.'"Yasoda said, 'With great effort I have been praying for the protection of Them both (Radha and Krishna). We have full agreement about our children. Kirtida, you protect my life by sending your daughter Radha. But it is not necessary to say this again.' After saying this, Yasoda consulted with the intelligent gopis. Seeing Dhanistha, Nandimukhi, and me, Yasoda sent this message with affection to the feet of Paurnamasi.