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The Arrangements


The craftsmen were busy painting, and the writers were busy recording the events, which were astonishing to the whole world. Using their hands and creative minds, the sakhis produced the best of ornaments. Over the jewel-embedded marble floors rose a canopy shining like the eastern mountain crested with the full moon of autumn. As the gold-limbed cowherd women placed broad golden pots on sapphire altars, it seemed that the smiling sakhis were offering their breasts in great attachment to the chest of Syamasundara. Everyone became blissful with the incense spreading everywhere like clouds. To enhance the abhiseka, they hung garlands of kadamba flowers, which appeared like rows of swinging lamps. The auspicious sound of the gopis' voices spread in all directions. Mount¬ing the chariot of their hearts, driven by the black swans of their eyes, Radha sat on the royal throne. The sakhis  increased the brilliance of Radha's body by rubbing Her according to the orders of Paurnamasi. Their eyes danced with joy as their lotus hands bathed Radha in delight.


They dried Radha's body with a soft cloth and then dressed Her in fresh silk. The people assembled for this preliminary ceremony waved ghee lamps around Radha's beautiful form. Though they felt thrill in their hearts, they were simultaneously totally bewildered. Radha placed Her lotus feet on the finest silk asana, and they worshiped Her with a decorated pot, lamps and other auspicious items. The effulgence generated there seemed to invoke the presence of the devata of light. Then the sakhis decorated Radha's limbs with musk, sandalwood and other precious unguents, and braided Her hair. They welcomed Radha's beauty with the brilliance of their mirror-like eyes, and worshiped Her with the lamps of their effulgences and the jingling of their ornaments, which sounded like bells and conches. While performing the adhivasa activities, the sakhis felt that it would be auspicious if Yasoda and her friends were present. It is not surprising that as soon as the sakhis sowed the seed of that desire tree, it immediately bore fruit. Just at that moment, Yasoda and other elderly women came to take part in the auspicious adhivasa of Radha.Embracing the submissive body of Radha, they became auspicious with the scents of Her body. When Yasoda, her eyes brimming with tears, em¬braced Radha. it confirmed that Radha had attained lordship over the forests of Vraja, even before the formal abhiseka. In reality Yasoda had natural spontaneous love for Radha, which certainly could not be expressed prop¬erly in a formal ceremony.


When Rohini smeiied Radha's head, her whole body erupted in goose bumps. Dyed by attachment and perspiration, her body turned reddish in color as she flushed with joy. "I regain my life by looking upon the beauty of your daughter Radha!" said Mukhara while repeatedly kissing the lips of Radha. Who could not help but smile upon witnessing this?


Fearing that Radha's complexion would be spoiled by the milk flowing from her breasts, Kirtida embraced Her gently and said, "O daughter, do not cover Your face. These women have come as my guests to see You on the occasion of Your festival." The elder women said, "Mother, we understand your words about Her hesitation. Radha, our eyes are thirsty to see the beauty of Your face. Satisfy us by showing us Your beauty."