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Message for Paurnamasi


"Yasoda said, 'Paurnamasi! I am always looking on the path for your arČrival. Hearing that you are now at Radha's house, these servants, paying obeisances at your lotus feet, are requesting your presence here. The forest of Vrindavana, which surpasses everything seen and heard, is the life of Vraja. And Radha is the good fortune of Vrindavana. Her good qualities and nature are manifest in Vrindavana. O Paurnamasi! You are the presiding deity, the Laksmi in thepurna kumbha, and the shelter of all happiness in Vraja. Radha always performs Her vratas here for fulfilling Her desires. We pray to you with devotion to perform the abhiseka of Radha on a jeweled stage in Vrindavana. Quickly make the adhivasa day appear. We are eager for this. This festival is capable of attracting all eyes, but who can say what will hapČpen when Maha-Laksmi (Radha) appears at that time? Today decorate Radha with all the jeweled necklaces and attractive pearls that I previously kept for Her, being enchanted by Her qualities.' "Taking this garland of orders from Yasoda with a glad heart, we quickly came here. Overwhelmed in bliss and slightly bewildered, wc do not kuuw where we are."


Krishna's Bliss


"As the lightning lays in the lap of the pervading clouds and the dark clouds move over the mountain tops, the cowherd friends, desiring the festiČval, came to Govinda and danced in blissful abandon. Krishna, illuminating the birthplace of Radha with His own light, walked back and forth holding thehandofSubala.


Candravali's Pain


" What lover of Krishna in Vraja would not be glad to attend the coronation? What women would not praise Radha's attaining lordship? Such sentiment is suitable in Vraja, which is full of bliss and free from all designations. Today, the joy of the festival covers the universe, but severely afflicts the poor heart of Candravali. What more can I say? Is she hiding her affliction, generČated from pride, with her streams of tears out of shame before the public or her gopi friends?


"The padma is not a suitable friend for the moonlight. Is this why the affliction made Padma wilt at the sight of Candravali? (As the moon and its associates fade with the coming of the sun, similarly, at the sight of Radha, Candravali and Padma fill with sorrow.) Though her name, Padma, indiČcates that she should be the friend of the sun (Vrsabhanunandini), astound-ingly she has taken the side of moon (Candravali).


The Gopis' Ecstasy


"The tatastha (neutral) gopis like Bhadra supported the fun with a friendly mood. The friendly {suhrt) gopis like Syamala acted as Radha's assistants in the affairs. The assistantgopis (sahacari) like Lalita became stunned in joy, incapable of doing anything else. "The group of beautiful gopis with elongated eyes are now arriving in Radha's house. As rivers assist the ocean of the great festival by channeling all bodies of water towards it, they assist by coming with tears in their eyes to drench our melted hearts even more."


Paurnamasi's Preparations


Hearing all this from the mouth of Kundalata, Paurnamasi became enlivČened and ordered the sakhis to prepare for the abhiseka. Her order came like a shower of flowers that seemed to take on a personal form. Did the sakhis begin preparing for the festival, or did the festival engage the sakhis in serČvice? Though everyone could see, no one could determine which was corČrect. The chief sakhis mutually embraced each other with their creeper-like arms, and sang in harmony while twirling around and around in ecstasy. Their hearts melted with emotion and became one.