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Radha's Eagerness To Meet Krishna


Holding the imprints of Hari's lotus feet to her chest, the arena personified made everyone mad with ecstasy. Those feet were drowned in the tears from the women, but the arena personified again dried up the water with the heat of her desire. Radha murmured to Herself, "This festival will bring heaps of auspicious-ness to Me. I see that people have come from all directions to meet in this auspicious place. But that playful Krishna now sports elsewhere, so it seems that My eyes will be fortunate much later.


"If the all-pervading aroma of the mind-stealing Hari appears, why should it disturb the assembled people as it does Me? If they smell His fragrance will they not fix their gaze on His arrival? Is Madhava now playing close by? Why am I looking for Him in all directions? "Meeting place of four roads! Crafty place! All of your limbs have kissed the lotus feet of Madhava. You are worshipable by Me. Give Me mercy by your compassionate glance, so that I can eternally attain Syama in Vrindavana. Do I see that jewel among men under the bigkadamba tree in the distance, surrounded by His friends? Absorbed in the beauty of His limbs, My eyes cannot move elsewhere." Radha found perfection by mumbling like this to Herself while longing for Krishna.


In the heart of one dedicated only to Krishna and absorbed in Hari's various pastimes, both meeting and separation, and favorable and unfavorable conŽditions mix in the free flow of rasa. Within meeting there is separation and within separation there is meeting. Just as waters of contrary name and form mix in the Milk Ocean, the resting place of Vishnu, but attain one rasa with all contradictions removed, so the mixture of various contrary emotions in Radha create no obstacle to perfection. The arena marked by Hari's feet, in which Radha performed worship with various items on the occasion of the festival, also worshiped Radha, using its fruits and flowers as auspicious items and the assembled people as the flowŽers. Here, Radha blissfully offered various excellent items with Her own hands. Thinking, "Now the desire creeper is enjoying Herself," the people, imbued with rasa, gazed at Radha with raised heads.


Blessings of Paurnamasi and Yasoda


After Yasoda, Paurnamasi, and the other elderly women satisfied Radha by blessing Her again and again with body, mind and words, they desired to send Her home.