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Chapter Four


The moment that Radha's abhiseka arrived, all auspicious omens appeared. The Vrajavasis felt as blissful as they did on the appearance day of Krishna. Overwhelmed with joy, Govinda, desiring to see Radha decorated with the auspicious items of the abhiseka and seated on best throne in the topmost forest of Vrindavana, ordered Vrinda:


"OVrinda! Radha will not come till the time ot the abhiseka. Utilizing My potency, you must fulfil Lalita's promise quickly and skillfully. Make all arrangements such that when the elder women come, they will be happy and Radha and I will not be embarrassed. Arrange all things properly for the event. (To avoid Radha's embarrassment, externally the festival will bear My name "Madhava-mahotsava," though Her name will be understood.)" Suddenly Vrinda forgot all her bodily activities and fainted in bliss. After a short time she recovered and immediately set to work after bidding Krishna farewell. Meanwhile, desiring to see the activities of His dear cowherd friends in preparation for the abhiseka, Krishna went to herd the cows. Murari had a great yearning to see Radha's abhiseka in the  forest, and Radha hankered to see Krishna's ecstatic symptoms on the occasion of Her abhiseka. Eagerly desiring to see the beauty of the Divine Couple, the sakhis were unable to bear the time till the abhiseka.  Paurnamasi, anxious to see that everyone was happy, wandered about per¬forming various services. Vrinda stood in an elevated place, and sounding like an akash vani (celestial voice) gave sweet instructions to gladden the splendorous desire creepers of the love-laden women of Vraja.


"O Paurnamasi, greatest of yoginisl Quickly arrange to bathe the Laksmi-moon, born of the ocean of incomparable qualities, on a golden throne em¬bedded with jewels in the land of Vrindavana, which is worshiped by the whole universe. The light rays of Radha's abhiseka, the jewel of light of the rising moon, will spread incomparable glory to Vrindavana, Gokula, and the whole earth. When glory is given to deserving candidates, the universe be¬comes joyful. "Radha, surrounded by Her dear friends, is endowed with the glory of Vraja's forests. Today, by observing this festival Krishna is attempting to bathe Radha in unequalled glorious prema. Thinking that she cannot repay the debt of prema that the people of Vraja have shown towards her, Vana-devi (Vrinda) is shy lo appear before you.


"O Paurnamasi! In order to perform the adhivasa ceremony (auspicious function before abhiseka) take Yasoda and other elders of the town and bring Radha to Vrindavana to meet Her friends. Then collect the friends of the Gandharva named Candrakanti (Radha's expansion) and perform the adnivasa ceremony. You will now realize the astounding sweetness of the Vrindavana forest, Radha's beauty and the union of Radha and Krishna. There is no necessity of describing these things.


"O Paurnamasi! You must bathe Radha on the full moon tithi in the up¬coming month of Madhu. Today, I want the adhivasa of Radha completed using sweet scents."

"O Radha! Do not be hesitant, thinking You are shameless. For this cer¬emony will destroy all sorrow. li is commonly seen that women appear pub¬licly without shame in accepting someone as their husband."


As the friends of Radha drank the honey of these sweet words with the wine cups of their ears, they embraced each other. For a moment they did not seem to be separate entities. Then they heard the hubbub of the inhabitants of Vraja and the sounds of various musical instruments, which defeated the chanting of the Vedas. Nothing else could be heard. It was like the tumultu¬ous sound of the ocean at the time of churning for nectar.