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Chapter Conclusion


Radha followed Her elders home. Along the way the devatas bathed Radha in a shower of celestial flowers. Having completed the adhivasa, the heroine of all eyes, filled with tears of bliss, returned home with the village women.All glories to Radha! She is glorious like the shining sun, who makes the kumudas bloom in the daytime from the eastern direction (gives happiness to the eyes), and who wakes thepadmas (keeps people awake) everywhere at night, and who radiates astounding beauty in the dawn. (Normally the kumuda flowers blossom at night and the padma lotuses blossom in the day.)I eternally offer respects to beautiful Krishna, who is like the moon pouring forth nectar to increase the bliss of the ocean. I offer my respects to Shrila Rupa Gosvami, the eternal servant of Krishna, who revealed to me the nectarean form of Krishna in Vrindavana, and who forever expands the limits of bliss within the ocean of the devotees' hearts.