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Vrinda Meets Malati


"Hearing all this from the mouth of Krishna's friend Madhumangala, I quickly proceeded towards the jasmine grove. On the way I met Malati, who spoke as follows, with tears falling from her eyes and washing her breast. Malati said, 'O sakhil Just see, as a result of Padma's evil words, Radha, in agony, has gone home. Hearing that news from my mouth, Krishna will become pained. I will not be able to describe His condition! O Devi! For you and all the living entities here who desire to see Radha installed as Queen of Vrindavana is it not painful just to hear about other women desiring to usurp that position from Radha? When Lalita saw that Padma had stolen the flowers, and heard that she had announced Candravali's abhiseka, she became angry and took a vow. I do not know what will happen if Krishna hears that vow. If Radha does not become the Queen and cannot play in this forest of Vrindavana, will not Vrindavana be like the sun at the final devastation, simply burning the eyes?'


Seeing the latticed forests meant for the upcoming astounding pastimes, the sakhis, skillful at conversation, accompanied Radha toward the meeting place and talked with Her.

The sakhis said, "O Radha! Let us not speak about the various pleasures You will have in the forests. The splendor of Vrindavana is stunning Your heart."

Radha said, "I desire that you control this deep dark forest, ornamented with perfectgunja creepers and flowers. Inner meaning: (I want you to con¬trol that black Krishna, who has flower arrows of love and ornaments of perfect gunja malas)

Vrinda said, "Now, Hari has sent me with a message for thegopis headed by Vishakha. How will they understand His affectionate words? Even when they get an opportunity to meet Krishna, they do not glance at me."

"Malati said, O Vrinda-devi! When Krishna hears this news from me, I will not be able to describe His emotions and actions, which are indescribable.'

"Hearing Malati's lament, I was heart-broken. I became blind, deaf and dumb. After a long time Malati brought me back to consciousness. Then, I deliberated with great discrimination.


"Why should I worry so much on hearing the disrespect for Radha shown by the competing group? Krishna is controlled by the wonderful qualities of Radha. Now the time is approaching when Radha will become the Queen of Vrindavana! "Now I will relieve them of the pain of separation by arranging a direct meeting with Syamasundara. In order to stop Radha's futile suffering, I will quickly meet Her and tell Her everything. While moving with Malati, I came upon Syamasundara. Please listen patiently to what I saw and heard unseen by Him.


Krishna's Pain of Separation


"Krishna's body was shaking, pale in color, profusely perspiring, and His mind was in trance. He was weeping and His ornaments had fallen off. Gaz¬ing blankly into space, He lamented for your friend Radha. The trees dried up and the waterfalls stopped flowing from the mountains. The earth split open! Oh! All composure disappeared. Will not any living creature faint on hearing the lamentation of Hari?


"I overheard Krishna speaking thus to Himself, 'Where will I go? Radhika is staying over there! O sakhi, do not disappear again. O Cupid! Is My love genuine? Do not disturb My worried mind even a moment more! O patience! Being steady, give Me a moment's glimpse of Radha. If You do not fulfil M> wish, then you should be called a killer of the self, having given up hope, which is the very essence of patience. Who will make any more requests to you?'

"Seeing Krishna's condition, I became pained. Approaching Him, I called out but Krishna did not hear a thing! Then in great sorrow He spoke to me. 'Is that you Vrinda? Why have you come here? Have you seen that friend of Lalita, Radha, whose red eyes, like sharp weapons of love, have cut My heart in a hundred pieces? Osakhil Radha's face is like the sun, not the moon. If it were the moon, would it burn My body like this? Why is that Radha, who gave Me so much pleasure upon meeting Her, now giving Me pain? Her face has an indescribable quality that gives both pleasure and pain. The Creator has been so cruel that simply remembering Radha anguishes Me. How much austerity the Creator must have undergone to make even the moon give pain to Me'


"Talking in this way and staring with fixed eyes, Krishna became completely absorbed in Radha and fainted. Suddenly I took on the same state and fainted as well. Malati-sakhi revived me. Taking a madhavi garland made by Radha that by coincidence was hanging on a tamala tree, she waved it in front of Madhusudana's nose. "When Krishna smelled the fragrance of the madhavi flowers scented by Radha's own hands, His body became covered in goose bumps. He regained consciousness, opened His lotus eyes, and spoke to me for a short time."


Krishna Offers His ornaments


"Krishna said to me, 'O Vrinda! Go there! Go to the sakhis and plead My case with chosen words. Take a jewel as prasada from Radha, by which My grief will be relieved. In sympathy with the nature of Radha, this inconsiderate Cupid has inflicted unlimited pain by obstructing Our meeting. O friend! Please inform Radha and give peace to My afflicted heart.' "Hearing this from Krishna, I took permission and came here, while Malati remained there with the malati garland. But before 1 had gone very far, Krishna called me back. Coming close, He spoke with eyes full of tears.


"Krishna said, 'O Vrinda! Oh vanadevil What use are these ornaments, as they simply burn My flesh? What is the use of this distressing flute? Go quickly and give these things to the followers of Radha.'

"Osakhisl Hearing the repeated entreaties of Murari filled me with dis¬tress. With great difficulty I touched His trembling hands and feet and put the garland around His neck. Within seconds, however, His long expirations dried out the garland.

"O sakhi Lalita! Seeing and hearing all this, I began my journey. While going along the forest path and remembering your vow, I looked here and there for the creepers grown to perfection by Radha, but did not see them. Here I have found cause for lamentation—only crushed creepers.


The State of Vrindavana


"Oh! Today when Radha left Vrindavana, the bees gave up their honey fragrance. Turning here and there, the creepers and even the trees have be-come devoid of honey. The placid animals have now become violent. (What about us, who have such attachment?) "You cannot say that there can be no pain wherever Hari resides. I cannot describe the transformations that take place when the air that touched Her body touches another person. I have held such pain in My chest. Now it is not necessary to talk more about it. With tears in my eyes I have come to You, with the shining ornaments of Hari, and His words expressing His desires. I pray that You do without delay what Your hearts say is proper."