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Vrinda's Consoling Words Krishna's Innocence


Hearing the words of deeply afflicted Lalita, the skillful Vrinda, with gentle, comforting behavior, consoled the sakhis. Seeing Vishakha surrounded by a group of sakhis, Vrinda spoke in a choked voice, "Assembled ladies! Krishna is your very soul, so why have you become angry over a false accusation? If my words do not pacify your hearts, then you should consider me a liar. Madhava does not see any woman as equal to Radha. If the devas drink the ghee offered in a sacrifice does that mean that they have given up thinking of nectar?


"Hearing from Nandimukhi of the proposed meeting with Radha, Syama was eager to proceed to the jasmine forest. By great misfortune He met Candravali on the way. From a distance Krishna mistook Her for Radha and began speaking with reverence. Krishna said to Candravali, 'If being eager to drink the light of the full moon, the cakora, going ahead filled with hope, suddenly meets the moon light face to face, how can he begin to praise the qualities of the Creator, who is like a desire tree?'


"Thinking these were words of love for herself, Candravali, slightly smilČing, bowed her head. But on hearing more statements containing Radha's name, her complexion faded and she headed towards her house. Upon seeing Candravali heading home in anger, the moon of Mukunda realized it was Candravali. Stunned in astonishment, Krishna thought, As Candravali is the most respected among lovers, I should appease her. Though My heart is strongly committed to Radha, there is no tault if 1 act like this.' "Though Syamasundara made conciliatory gestures, Candravali ignored them and continued walking home. Seeing her on the way, Padma was struck with surprise. Inquiring from Candravali, she learned what had happened With the intention of making her own proud words come true, Padma spoke with a soft smile: 'O friend, just see! As the ocean is the shelter of all the rivers, you alone are the friend of all the people of Gokula. Though the ocean rises and falls, should we consider that? (If we lose family reputation because of attraction to Hari, is there any loss?')


"In this way the crafty Padma cleverly interrupted Candravali's return home and called out to Krishna, who was not far away absorbed in thinking of Radha. Padma said, 'O brave, black cakora! Why are You in illusion when viewing the waves of moonlight? (Why do You go elsewhere on seeing the joking of Candravali as she pretends to leave You?') "Candravali and Padma approached Krishna, the destroyer of sorrow. Krishna quickly satisfied Candravali with skillful words and gravity, though His heart was absorbed in the beauty of Radha. Then on the excuse of having to herd the cows, He left that place with soft steps."