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Vishakha Consoles Krishna


On hearing Vrinda's words and seeing Krishna's cloth and ornaments, the gopis tried to suppress their emotions. The melting of their hearts produced a vapor.that rose to their throats and then approached their eyes. But with determination they closed their eyes to prevent tears from falling. The asŽsembled gopis remained silent for a long time. Then, helpless with emotion and love, Vishakha, held by the trembling hands of Lalita, spoke with affecŽtionate words. Vishakha said, "O chief sakhi Lalita! First Krishna injures us by disrespecting our friend Radha, and again He distresses us with His rejected cloth and ornaments. My heart has become unsteady upon hearing His words. ThereŽfore, I beg your permission to chastise Him in response." Turning their faces and eyes to Lalita, all the gopis said, "What will we do? The proud sakhi will certainly be angry. Krishna destroys us in two ways: first He does not show Himself here; second, we cannot go to Him with our present mood."


Vishakha Goes with Vrinda


Hearing all this, Lalita said to Vrinda, "If this weak sakhi Vishakha goes to Krishna, you should boldly tell Him what we say: 'If You are eager to try to brighten the dark forest and its impenetrable groves with the moon light (Candravali), why do You waste time shedding tears? Do You cry for the reflected light from the sun (Candravali)? Do You cry for the effulgence from the cloth of Vrsabhanu's daughter? If You are in love with Candravali, why do You lament for Radha?'"


Then Vrinda took permission from the sakhis and led Vishakha to Krishna's place. Thinking of His order, and wanting to consult with Paurnamasi, who was worried about Candravali's coronation, Vrinda left Vishakha there and disappeared. While gazing at the path that Vrinda was traversing Krishna suddenly saw Vishakha. Vishakha then addressed Malati, "Osakhil Where is the garland of Radha?" Murari, ascertaining that it was really Vishakha, erupted in goose bumps. Filled with happiness and stumbling as He went forward, Krishna said to Vishakha, "O dear sakhil You are concerned about a garland, which had only a moment's association with Radha. Will you not ask about the condition of He who enjoyed intimately with Radha for a long time?"


Feigning anger, Vishakha covered her lotus face. Glancing towards Krishna, who presented a sorry sight with the constant weeping and rubbing of His eyes, Vishakha said, "O Lord! You have inflicted so much pain on the gopis that they have almost given up their bodies. When You apply fire to cloth it nurns completely leaving only a few threads. Similarly, the gopis are almost dead, living on a few threads. How will You search for them? O husband of Candravali! You have destroyed our friend Radha. Do not the friends of Padma rejoice deeply on hearing this news9 But we continue to maintain our lives, thinking ourselves eligible candidates for Your love. Oh how unfortuŽnate we are! "My friend, who constantly thinks of You, is still alive. But She does not speak, hear or look anywhere. The sharp praise You sent with Vrinda generŽated only anger. What a lie! It is a revelation of Your cheating. Radha is afraid of such crooked ways. From Your childhood You have been killing women like Putana. So we know that You are very cruel. And You have no hesitation in doing so!"


Krishna's Transformations and Vishakha's Consolations


Krishna lowered His head and drenched His garland with His tears. Softly caressing the garland with His forefinger and thumb, Krishna replied to Vishakha in an anguished voice, "Radha is My very life! You know that this Krishna is controlled by Her. O Vishakha! You are our life-giving friend. But how unforŽtunate! How have we come to this state? Can We only call it fate?"


Vishakha's heart trembled upon seeing Krishna's agony and hearing His gentle words. She could not keep her poise. Her mind melted into tears that begged to pour forth. Neglecting the sharp pain, Vishakha managed to speak. "PreviŽously, with the heat of the sun (of separation) You burned My friend, who has twenty three and a half moon-like features, to ashes. Now today, why are You crushing that miserable woman again by sprinkling more ghee (distress) on the fire?"


Then thinking that Radha's anger would soon subside and that Krishna was suffering too much, Vishakha decided to appease Krishna by saying, "As You know, the sakhis have various temperaments. Lalita is very bold, whereas my nature is very soft. Now, how can we arrange a meeting with Radha? Mukunda! Somehow, the other sakhis can be appeased, but who will approach the crooked-eyed Radha, who is burning with anger?"


Mukunda said, "O woman with the effulgence of Laksmi! You seem to be saying that you are free of fault by not informing them of My condition and letting them show mercy as they please. But still they will criticize because you have spoken to Me. That much I fear."


Malati said, "O Kesava, most cruel one! Why are You speaking such comŽpromising words? Radha, the nectar that You desire, is surrounded by Her assistants. You have committed sin. Now, without performing some vratas or prayascittas (penances) do You expect to attain that nectar so quickly?"

Vishakha said, "O Malati! Seeing the face of Krishna, you are speaking most unsuitably. He has given Himself completely to other women! Now how all of a sudden can lie jusi give Himself io our friend Radha?::


While standing with folded hands Krishna said, "O sakhil The whole forest belongs to Radha. These pleasurable activities are Radha's. My soul belongs to your friend Radha. Everything that exists on earth belongs to Her." Taking a hint from Vishakha's face, Malati said, "O Madhava! All these women are very stubborn. Even if their desires get to the point of expression, again they will suppress them. Hear from me about their desires. When Gandharvika, filled with anger over being stood up, was returning home from the kunja, Vishakha spoke to me with a tearful face. Using contrary words, she requested You as follows. 'O Lord! Desiring the coronation, we hastily came to You today with Radha. (We came desiring Your love, which gives pain to the mind.) Who can glorify Your qualities? (Your bad qualities) You have already made arrangements for the festival beforehand. (You have created great anguish in our hearts.)'"