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Paurnamasi and Vishakha Meet Radha


Just as medicinal trees eagerly yield their herbs when the purnima tithi (full moon day) approaches and the moon becomes spotless in the cloudless sky, the gopis welcomed Paurnamasi, whose austerities were now bearing fruit, and Vishakha, whose happy, gently smiling face resembled the moon. Embracing them, Paurnamasi asked questions, wiped away their tears, and blessed them hundreds of times. Folding her hands she said, "I have one simple request. The water of Radha's abhiseka, which will satisfy all of Vrindavana, will nourish this desire tree. The tree will produce flowers and fruits. This is the object of all my austerities. You must take those fruits and taste them."


Thegopis spoke, "O Paurnamasi! We will hold this ornament qualified by your garland of orders on our heads, if the proud sakhi Radha considers it and does not become upset. O sakhisl Go to that secluded place. We will see what Radha is doing, displaying such pride." Saying this, the sakhi? went with Paurnamasi to Radha's house. Holding Lalita's hand, Paurnamasi slowly entered the dark inner quarters of the house and remained unnoticed. The other sakhis standing with Vishakha could hear the sobbing words of Radha.


Radha's Repentance


Radha said, "Oh! After the universal fires destroy ail the entities at the time of pralaya (destruction of the universe), a hundred years of rain brings peace. So now My tears are extinguishing the fire of My pride which is burnŽing up the five elements of My body. Who can I tell this to? To whom can I speak? I remain here in an angry mood. No one knows how much My heart is overcome by pride. O earth! Quickly give shelter to Me. O Madhava! Spread Your illusion in the four directions. On seeing the face of His messengers, why do I become agitated and speak such sharp words? Even if I churn harmless milk, terrible fire appears.


"Today I had a dream that Krishna had sent His ornaments as a consolation through Vrinda. Overtaken by pride, I did not even look at those ornaments. Why didn't the Creator blind Me on the spot? Hearing about My innate, intense, cruel anger, Mukunda even approached My bed. Trembling, He praised Me but I ignored Him. My intelligence is like a fish that has fallen in the desert. I have lost all power of discrimination. Even by performing hunŽdreds of lifetimes of severe austerity I cannot attain His service. Yet He has come here, embracing Me tightly and gently caressing Me. But I maintained My anger and pride. How cursed I am!"