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Paurnamasi Reveals Krishna's plan


Hearing the continuous lamentation of Radha, the sakhis became petriŽfied like dolls and perspired profusely. Then Vishakha asked Radha, "Now, please tell us what do You want to do?" Radha exhaled and burst into tears upon hearing this. Then She embraced Vishakha, and they bathed each other in their tears.When the Vishakha constellation appears along with Anuradha in the evening at the time of the full moon, and makes the moon rise over Udaya Mountain, the lotuses become blissful. Taking permission from Paurnamasi, Vishakha and Lalita went to the house where Radha was exhibiting Her pride. The whole world rejoiced when they brought Radha out of the house.While Radha was angry, Her grief was like the hot summer sun that burned the Yamuna eyes of the sakhis. But when the sun is ornamented with clouds it gives relief with showers of rain. When their eyes fell upon Radha, flowing with the nectar of fresh youth and blossoming beauty, the sakhis shed both hot tears of pain and cold tears of bliss.


One sakhi picked up the cloth that Radha had thrown on the ground. One sakhi waved the edge of her cloth to keep the bees away. Another sakhi held Radha by the waist with her two lotus hands. By such dedicated services a person attains the jewel oipranaya (affection). They made Radha sit in that place. After Paurnamasi was seated and worŽshiped, Radha paid Her respects. Then Paurnamasi wiped Radha's tear soaked eyes, raised her eyebrows and spoke to Her with tear filled eyes. She said, "Being pure in heart. You have offered Your mind to Hari life after life. Your beloved is also pure and deeply attached to You. The sakhis are eager to arrange Your meeting with Syama. Where has this afflicting anger come from? If You desire to keep this anger as an ordinary habit, why did You not tirst ask Your old companion? Or did You simply want to show off Your childish nature?


"He who fulfills the desires of the Vrajavasis is Your lover. The forests of Krishna, yielding all treasures, are Your groves of pleasure. Being the expander of the joy in the ocean olprema, I, thepurnima, have come to give life to Your moon-like face. What cause is there for lamentation?"


Radha remained with Her head lowered and eyes closed. Repeating her words, Paurnamasi consoled Radha, "O Radha! Do You know the character of the moon? As the lotus is covered by darkness when the moon withdraws its light, has not the moon been called the enemy of the lotus? Inner meanŽing: (Do You know the character of Krishna? Unknown to You, He has rejected Padma's proposal.)


"Thinking that Krishna was dependent on her, Padma one day said to Krishna, 'See! There is some heat in my heart. Remove it with Your abundant beauty, like a cloud filled with moonlight. For many days I endured the Katyayani Vrata with the desire that You make Candravali the queen of Vrindavana. O lord of Vrindavana! I pray that You make Candravali, whose mercy and assoŽciation You always crave, the queen of Vrindavana.' "But just listen Radha! Many days ago when I spoke to Krishna, He told me that He wanted You to become the Queen of Vrindavana. Therefore, upon hearing the request from Padma, Krishna started trembling and asked Padma, 'What did You say?'


"Padma answered, 'May she whose name starts with "Candra" and who is stated in the Vedas to be the consort of Madhava, and who gives the best conjugal love, become the queen of Krishna'

"Radha, long ago You partially accepted the form of the Gandharva named Candrakanti. The Rk Parisista speaks of Radha and Madhava. That Radha mentioned is Your partial form, Candrakanti. In anticipation ol Your coroŽnation, Krishna remembered this, let out a long sigh and said, 'Let it be so.' "On the full moon night the moon sprinkles drops of nectar in the lonely forest. The cakora birds relish that nectar while the cataka birds cannot find it."


In this way, Paurnamasi secretly revealed Krishna's clever trick to the ears of the sakhis. It came to the ears of the sakhis, but surprisingly Padma and the other rivals knew nothing of it! This was only proper. Lalita and the gopis thus attained the blessings of Katyayani. May the moon face of Radha, which pleases the summer sun with its beauty (satisfies the desire of Krishna), which makes the emaciated lotuses bloom (makes the forlorn gopis happy), which makes the trees grow by its shower of nectar (makes the hair stand on end with showers of perspiration), and which reduces the glory of all the stars (loosens the belts of the gopis) protect you all. I eternally serve the lotus feet of Shrila Rupa Gosvami and beautiful Krishna who always rain a shower of mercy on this fallen soul, even though I am the lowest of the low, knowingly addicted to offenses, completely impure, and have no taste for devotion.