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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Jiva Goswami > Madhava Mahotsava > 03 Vrinda and Paurnamasi > Krishna Hear Radha Desire

Krishna's Bliss Upon Hearing Radha's Desire


On hearing this, Krishna became like a full rain cloud and Vishakha became the lightning on His chest. The devas showered flowers and created joy throughout the fourteen worlds. Everyone became happy when Krishna em¬braced Vishakha. As the great ocean is the resting place of Narayana, the abhiseka of Radha is the ocean of love of Krishna. As Ananta's hoods shelter Narayana, the abhiseka displays Krishna's unlimited excellence in pleasures. As Laksmi embraces the limbs of Narayana, ecstatic symptoms cover the body of Krishna. As Narayana teaches the Vedas to Brahma who takes birth from His navel, Syama satisfies Cupid by breathing deeply and filling the ears of young women with His nectarean words.


Krishna said to Vishakha, "O sakhil You have requested the coronation of Radha as the queen of Vrindavana as the price for pleasing Radha. My mind has become unsteady thinking of this great ceremony that will win Radha. Today You have revealed My long cherished desire. As the devatas attained the auspicious moon as a permanent asset by churning the ocean, similarly, the abhiseka of Radha will give Me the greatest bliss. O dear sakhil I am not satisfied, even by giving Her My heart. I am truly ashamed that all I am giving Radha is jurisdiction over the forests.


"As Shiva is most auspicious, and the crescent moon sitting on his forehead gives both him and the world bliss, Vrindavana, which is filled bliss, is My auspicious abode. Radha decorates it with qualities that far surpass those of anyone else. When will I see Her as the queen of Vrindavana? Do not delay! Quickly let Radha, Lalita, and the other sakhis hear My words of submis¬sion."

As Murari prayed to her in this way, Vishakha saw Vrinda approaching.


Vrinda's Arrival


With a gentle smile Vishakha said "O Vrinda-devi' Ynu are certainly "ot a thief. Your great affection cannot be a fault. But why did You suddenly disap¬pear to some secret place after placing Radha's garland on Krishna?"


Vrinda could understand that in Krishna's presence these words of Vishakha were but a pretense, and that her desires had been fulfilled. Deriving great bliss from the clever, joking words of Vishakha, Vrinda remained stunned for a few seconds.Then Vrinda spoke to Vishakha, "This garland is constantly speaking only of bringing peace to Govinda." Vishakha replied, "My friend Radha can never wear this used garland. Put it on Krishna's neck again." Smiling, Vrinda held Vishakha's hand and said, "You alone must console Him." Vrinda then made Vishakha decorate Krishna with garlands and orna¬ments. At this time Syama informed Vrinda of the coming abhiseka of Radha. When Krishna heard from Vrinda of Lalita's vow, He said to Vishakha, "You are all very cruel indeed!"