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Chapter Three


At dawn the forest was burning red with vasanta tilaka flowers like the rising sun on Udaya Mountain. At that time, in great longing, Krishna sent Vrinda to the sakhis. Knowing the anger of the countless sakhis, Vrinda ar¬rived there alone. Though they were angry, the sakhis immediately softened and greeted Vrinda with affection. The sakhis remained silent. Thinking that Vrinda had come to see the condition of Radha, Lalita waited some time and then asked Vrinda, with trembling lips and a soft voice, "O Vrinda-devi! Have you come to see us when we are devastated by misfortune?"


Though Vrinda's heart was pierced by Lalita's words, she answered with a gentle smile, "Has Krishna committed some offense?"

Lalita, whose complexion had changed color, replied, "O sakliil When our dear friend Radha was the foremost lover of Krishna, were we not fit to talk to you? Now in times of misfortune, with ashen faces, can we converse with you? Since you already know all about His character, why are you asking us? If you talk about Him, our hearts will burst. So, what should we do?

"O sakhil We have carefully planted a sandalwood tree on the mountain range in the southern regions. (We, of good family, have offered ourselves to our beloved, thinking He had a generous nature.) Having smelled the fra¬grance, a group of snakes have fixed themselves there, surrounding the effulgent sandalwood tree. (After associating with us and enjoying our pure bodies, that beloved, beaming brightly, has covered us in illusion and de¬stroyed our reputation.)"