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The State of Vrindavana


Burning the hearts of all the moving and non-moving entities of the Vrindavana forest with Her anger, and depriving them of the jewel of their vision, Radha moved towards Vraja. The groves rained honey as tears upon seeing the great anger of the gopis. The tender leaves shaking in the breeze wiped the tears from the eyes of the animals. They took no joy in the previous joking exchanges. Though filled with longing, they did not ask questions. Under the sway of anger they entered the house. Deprived of their friend Syama, the faces of the sakhis were colorless, and they all remained silent for a long time. They were like tree lotuses deprived of humming bees at the setting of the sun.


Radha Enters Her House The Gopis Stay Up All Night


Her head bent down absorbed in thought and Her beautiful eyes rolling, Radha suddenly got up and entered the interior of the house on the pretext of sleep. The lotuses wilted in separation from the sun and the bees left the center of the lotuses . the whole universe lamented, offering its soul to the darkness. Radha's/7/rya sakhis sat on the earth near the front door. Bound by love to Radha, they passed the night periodically standing up and gazing upon Radha without being seen, their anxiety increasing at every moment.