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Searching for Krishna


"This is not a tamala tree, spreading out splendor while being embraced by a goldenyuthika tree. I know for certain that it is Krishna covered in yellow cloth hidden by the creepers. O Hari! You have become intoxicated from drinking the nectar from the mouths of women. Now, it is clearly underŽstandable that You are enjoying with stolen flowers in the company ofyuthika blossoms. (Surrounded with prostitutes, You are enjoying.) "O sakhisl How will you find the flower thief in this way? He has influŽenced all directions by spreading an illusion. Beautiful-eyed women! We have looked for Him in every place, every grove, under every tree, and under every leaf. It appears that Syamasundara has not come here. Can I speak about the compassion of twilight? We have spent akalpa looking for Him. How much can I speak of His cruelty? Even now He remains invisible to us."Hearing the words from afflicted Radha, the sakhis remained silent. SudŽdenly they saw one associate of Vrinda called Malati.


Arrival of Malati


The women, burning in the fire of anxiety without smoke, inquired the reason for her coming. Being endowed with the highest concepts of dharma and bathed in perspiration, Malati spoke, "O Radhe! The kingdom of Vrindavana worships the radiance of Your form with its desire creepers. I will tell You what I saw with my own eyes. As soon as I heard from Nandimukhi about the upcoming festival, I made a bed of flowers. Then Padma, the friend of Candravali, came speaking crooked words. I hid in a grove and overheard the conversation of Padma and her friends. O woman with eyes extending to the ears! Listen to those terrible proud words that are as hard as thunderŽbolts."