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Radha and the Sakhis Converse


The sakhis said, "O Radha, let us not speak about the various pleasures You will have in the forests. The splendor of Vrindavana is stunning Your heart." Radha said, "I desire that You control this deep dark forest, ornamented  with perfect gunja creepers and flowers. Inner meaning: (I want You to control black Krishna, who has flower arrows of love and ornaments of gunja malas.)"

Sakhis: "O Radha! This forest, with smiling flowers, erupting ecstatically with tender buds, buzzing with bees and cooled by the breeze, is offering its head to Your feet!"

Radha: "O sakhisl Today Vrindavana, blooming with flowers, is revealing Krishna to Me. But not only that, more astonishing is the fact that in revealing all things black like Krishna, it turns My lieaiiicu with attraction."

Sakhis: "O madhavi creeper! Who does not praise the month of Madhava, endowed with Radha (Vishakha naksatra) and the full moon, along with swarms of bees moving here and there9 Inner meaning: CWho will not oraise Madhava, the beloved of Radha, brilliant as the full moon, with tied up hair, filled with heavenly pleasures, desiring dark, flower-filled forests to inspire Him.)"

Radha: "Look sakhisl This part of the forest, blooming with flowers, carry¬ing the beauty of love-inducing spring, is embracing the female bees. One should have no affection for entities with black bodies. Inner meaning: (Krishna, endowed with the treasure of Radha, is now embracing inferior women. Do not have faith in that black complexioned person.)"

Sakhis: "O Radha! This Madhusudana (bee, Krishna), drinking a few drops of honey from the creepers, has become attracted to the qualities of the padma creeper blossoming in the sun. Inner meaning: (Being attracted to Her fragrance, Krishna is running towards the daughter of Vrsabhanu after attempting to enjoy inferior women.)"

Radha: "Now the bees are tasting the honey of the flowers and have be¬come satisfied along with the women of Vraja. (Krishna, taking on various qualities of a hero, has become happy by tasting the nectar of sweet pastimes with the girls of Vraja.) Is not the air of this forest carrying the sound of the flute for the pleasure of the young girls? (Did the sandal-scented breezes not indicate the presence of Krishna for the young girls of Vraja?)"

Sakhis: "You should smell the fragrance of Krishna. I think that because of this the bees have now recovered their sanity. The air is famous for giving life to the universe, but it is sustaining the very life of Vraja. By not carrying the aroma of Krishna's body, the air makes the women of Vraja suffer."

Radha: "See, why have the cuckoos now abandoned the lord of Vrindavana to sing here? He must have giyen them some order to bewilder us, and cause us pain in separation wherever we are."

Sakhis: "O friend! The swarms of bees, humming and spitting honey drops after being fully satisfied, are like clouds dispersing rain. Seeing those dark rain clouds in the spring month of Madhu (Caitra) the peacocks are dancing in joy. (But we cannot dance joyfully without seeing Syama.)"

Radha: "O sakhisl Just see, are the constantly humming bees, the messen¬gers of Krishna, whispering with the flowers, like ministers, slightly opening their petals (smiling), in the assembly hall of Cupid (the forest)?"

Sakhis: "O friend, what did that sensual black bee say indistinctly in Your ear? O fickle-eyed girl! Hearing that message Your eyebrows have lowered and Your head is spinning."

Radha: "O sakhis, you have maddened that most excellent bee with the honey of your lotus faces, and now you are causing Me anxiety in separation. Are you happy seeing Me like this? Is it proper for you to do so?"

Sakhis: "O friend, do You know that bowef over there made of madhavi

creepers? Did not the bees see a Krishna-sarade" ^nnthrhpHtn Krishna)

go into the place?"

Radha: "O sakhis, in that place there are many thorny vetasa trees. It is not a place ror pastimes. I fled to that grove out of fear of the black bee. You were supposed to protect Me, but that black person forcibly plundered your jew¬eled bodices with the shovels of His rough fingernails."

Sakhis: "O moon faced girl, here there is no fragrance of the Lord. But there is Your fragrarfce which serves His fragrance. O Devi, You know that black effulgence as the effulgence of Your eyes."

In this way, Radha and the gopis, while mutually discussing their love of Krishna, arrived at the appointed place in the forest.


Radha Responds to Stolen Flowers


Radha spoke in a playful tone, "Who has stolen the attractive flowers and buds in this forest today? I think that it cannot be the work of anyone except the stealer of the gopis' clothes. Vishakha! If Hari attacks you, are you capable of defending yourself? O Lalita, if He attracts you, will all the gopis not be able to stop Him? With our help that stealer of women cannot touch you. And if we all go somewhere else, then these groves will protect you. "O sakhi, if that rascal, made for pleasure, touches you while you are hiding in the grove, then show courage by throwing a lotus at Him (meant as a club). And if many other girls come, then keeping them somewhere else, run to Him. With an independent mind in a solitary place take off your gold ornaments, and taste the pleasure of conjugal pastimes. Oprana sakhil Why don't you take the association of lotus-eyed Hari? Sakhil Are you prevented by the fickle rules of chastity like us? "O sakhisl You keep searching for Krishna who can fulfil all desires. I am also going on the path fragrant with flowers (mounting the vehicle of love) to find that flower thief."