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Radha's Thoughts of Meeting Krishna


Radha, floating in the river oiprema towards the ocean of Her beloved, and understanding that the river oiprema could sometimes follow a crooked course, became more attracted to the qualities of the ocean of Her beloved. "Now I have gone one quarter along the path, now I have gone halfway, and now at I have completed My journey!" Measuring the path in this way, Radha moved towards the meeting place with Krishna. Radhika anticipated meeting Her beloved Krishna while contemplating, "Krishna is lying on a bed of flowers in a grove in Vrindavana. He will become completely satisfied in My pres¬ence. Due to His weak discrimination, whenever He sees a woman He thinks she will be pleasurable."


Radha stood for a long time, like the sky, while spontaneousiv within Her arose the image of Syamasundara, who has the complexion of a cloud, a face like the moon, cloth like the rising sun, and eyes like restless stars. Remem¬bering the pastimes of Krsns Radha directly enjoyed with Him "Go and see Are the leaves rustling because of the birds or because of Krishna's coming? What was that?" With Her power of vision diminished due to the tears pro¬duced at the time of meeting, Radha suffered like this every second. "Krishna is hiding to deceive the other gopis, and now He is revealing His beauty to Me. By trickery I get to see Him." Saying this and turning Her head, Radhika praised the tamala trees near the sakhis. "How does this lover of Vraja women desire to capture Me in front of the other gopis?" Being fearful, Radha hid Herself in the laps of the gopis.


Seeing the soft smile of the sakhis made Radha fearful that they would discover Her desires. With a lover's envy, knitted brows, and red eyes, Radhika moved away from the sakhis. Taking them as a burden, She shed Her oint¬ments and sandalwood paste. Feeling Her breasts too heavy, Radha placed Her hands on the sakhis' shoulders. In this way, the tender limbed Radha went to meet Hari. Radha became stunned and fatigued under the influence of prema.


The Forest as Uddipana


"O helpless ones! Do you see how the upper portions of the forest are covered with troops of cuckoos, and the horizon is spread with bees in the form of arrows. The earth is invaded with foot soldiers holding flags bearing the insignia of a makara (Cupid's carrier) signifying love and spring?" Seeing the latticed forests meant for the upcoming astounding pastimes, the sakhis, skillful at conversation, accompanied Radha towards the meeting place