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Glories of Vrindavana


The Yamuna River, where innumerable fish play, near whose banks stand firm rows of trees, entered a cave when Shiva, burning with the arrows of Cupid, jumped in her waters. Inner meaning: (With the object of enjoying with Krishna, Radha, being pierced by Cupid's arrow, entered into the forest of Vrindavana decorated with rows of trees, which are as firm as thunderbolts. They entered the forest of Vrindavana brilliant with trees and creepers, blos¬soming like diamond ornaments on the chest.) On attaining the wealth of the honeyed flowers of Vrindavana, no other aspiration remains. It is famous as the forest of desire trees. Vrindavana is such a place that a low person living with low objects is not at all satisfied with it and gives it no praise. What a misfortune! Vrindavana is such a place where even Brahma and Vishnu, though tasting it constantly, cannot be satis¬fied. Considering this fact, some intelligent people live a long time in Vrindavana without praising themselves, because there they have no lack of satisfaction and humility. Knowing that Vrindavana is the essence of all dhamas within the universe, a living entity has no desire to give it up. How wondrous! I believe that a person attains residence in Vraja Dhaam because of an accumulation otpunyas coming from this desire which cannot be given up. He attains Vrindavana, lives in Vrindavana and loves Vrindavana.