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Conversation of Padma and Saibya (vipaksa gopis)


Saibya: "O Padma, if that deceiver of women, Syamasundara, wandering whimsically around Vrindavana, comes to this place and sees someone has been picking the flowers in His forest, then He will certainly come looking for you." Padma: "O Saibya! Syama has met with Candravali. Thepadma creeper, dear to the moon, was despondent upon hearing of the appointment of the Vishakha naksatra (constellation), but with the  rising of the moon, she be¬came happy. (Hearing about the appointment of Radha with Krishna, I be¬came completely disappointed. So I made an arrangement for a meeting of Krishna with Candravali.) Therefore, there is no possibility of Krishna coming here." Saibya: "Lotus-eyed Padma! Shame! Why do we pick so few flowers in order to make Candravali the ruler of Vraja?"

Padma: "O Saibya! After we take Krishna's permission and perform the abhiseka to install Candravali, then you can plunder the flower gardens of Radha and Her friends."

 Saibya: "O Padma! If we steal the flowers from the garden of Radha, bad tempered Lalita will object."

Padma: "Oweakwoman! Fie on you! Why are you afraid of the objections of Lalita? Just pick the flowers! When those gopis are separated from Krishna, Sarasvati herself will be stunned. They will not be able to speak!"


Malati's Reply & Padma's Cruel Words


Malati continued speaking to Radhika, "Hearing this conversation be¬tween Padma and Saibya, I came out of my hiding place and walked over to Padma. While showing my loyalty to You, I looked at Padma and made a counter attacK. Those who nave Yout mercy are the best among all beings.

"I said, 'O foolish girl, do not try to steal any flowers from Radha's forest! You will be in big trouble if Lalita and the others hear of this. Who, among all the gopis, filled with such pride, would dare to take even a spot of pollen from the flowers desired even a little by Radha? As the full moon hides its spots with sixteen phases, so Radha with Her sixty-four arts spreads out over Vrindavana and controls it. Is there any other woman who can control Vrindavana?


'Followers of Candravali! The coronation of the daughter of Vrsabhanu as the Queen of Vrindavana has almost arrived. When Radha arrives at the edge of the Udaya (rising or eastern) Mountain and mounts the abhiseka plat¬form, the composure of all thieves and opponents will be lost.' "Considering my decisive words, Padma, laughing to herself and extremely angry, spoke as follows: Ah! Just see! Though Candravali has the most sooth¬ing mood and character, this Malati cannot see that Vrindavana is illumi¬nated by the sun of her majesty. O friend of Vrinda! Have you not heard the news of the blissful abhiseka of Govinda? Do you not know that Candravali will be the queen sitting next to Him on the throne?'


"Then Padma, having studied the chapter on matsya nyaya (the strong eat the weak), proceeded to pluck flowers in an angry mood with hundreds of strong attendants. By myself what could I do? Therefore, I came immedi¬ately to You. Though I heard about the abhiseka of Candravali previously, I did not believe it. But her direct words have made me believe it."


Radha's Anger and Going to Vraja


As the red sky and the fading of the lotus blossoms of twilight foretell the coming of night, with the arrival of that news, the lotuses of Radha's eyes became red and then faded, indicating the arrival of Her night-like jealous anger. Since Radha has all the qualities of Laksmi, She is calledpadmalaya (having lotus feet, lotus eyes, lotus breasts, lotus navel and a lotus face). But pained by the words of Padma, the lotus-eyed Radha, with fear and trembling body, dropped the toy lotus from Her lotus-bud hand. "Bathing Your toenails will be our abhiseka for Candravali!" When the gopis consoled Radha with such words, Radha's black eyes turned red and shed tears. (Out of great love of Krishna, Radha shed tears, which appeared to console the bee-like eyes, the spies of Krishna.) Then Radha's painful anger, springing from Her fiery love of Had, made Her hairs stand on end and perspiration flow. Radha appeared like a creeper covered with bees devour¬ing drops of honey. The daughter of Vrsabhanu did not taste the betel nuts offered to Her by ilic sakhis. The covering dropped from Radha's head, and Her flowe'-land wilted due to Her deep sighs. Though the principal sakhis observed all these reactions, they simply stood by like painted dolls. Thinking that Her hplnvpH b*r\ uPPr) captivated by the arts of the friend of Padma (Candravali), who had tried to steal the flowers meant for Her offer¬ing to Krishna, Radha, rubbing Her pink eyes, spoke in a choked voice: "O friends! This flower thief does not give Me pain. Nor does her preventing Krishna from coming here cause Me suffering. But the way she speaks about us breaks My heart. Now Krishna is going to make Candravali the queen of Vrindavana. Does she not feel any shame in attempting that which cannot even be thought of?"


Lalita's Promise


While saying this Radha spit out some tambula and returned to Vraja. Noticing this, all the sakhis turned their eyes upon Lalita, who said softly: "Let Candravali become the queen of Krishna's forest! Maybe it has been done or maybe it will be done. Anyway, I promise that here in Vrindavana we will make Radha the queen. Do you see any loss when the lotus is closed? The sweetness is still present fully within. The thirsty bee is circling about, not getting any peace! (Though Krishna may reject the lotus like group of Radha, there is no cause of lamentation because they still possess irresistible sweet¬ness. Though the dhrsta (bold) hero associates with lower class women, He cannot get satisfaction, and soon will come to beg from us!)" Her mind filled with gravity and anger and Her body split with pain, Radha, surrounded by Her friends, proceeded towards Her house.