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Yasoda's Affection


"Yasoda stands still, her eyes searching the distance for a glimpse of Krishna and You. Rivers of milk and tears flow from Her breasts and eyes. O sakhi'. Looking at me with anguished eyes, Yasoda said, 'O Nandi! I am so hard hearted. Have you seen my child in the forest? Nourished by my milk, Krishna plays in the forest. By now He must be hungry. So why doesn't He come home? O wealth of austerity! Please tell me! Did restless Acyuta eat all the food that Dhanistha took to the forest?


'Did my child eat the sweet foods while sitting in the shade of a stately tree? Is He safe and well protected by Balarama and the cowherd boys? Is He looking towards the grazing fields or is He coming home? Does He still have the protective herbs and powders that I tied on His arms? Are the best of wrestlers carefully guarding Him?'  "I consoled Yasoda with many sweet words reassuring her of Krishna's wel¬fare. Sakhi Radha! Yasoda also spoke affectionately in remembrance of You. She said, 'Nandimukhi! Though the Creator has not made Radha the wife of my son. 1 lirmly believe that She is His wife. That is the way I always think of Her. Though in Vraja there are many young women decorated with jewels of all good qualities, Radha is like the soothing moonlight of Caitra month (Madhava month) to my eyes.


'If you see my daughter Radhika, then please take my name, smell Her fragrant head, and repeatedly say: "The crooked Creator has given me only a moment to see my own son. O daughter of Kirtida! The cold-hearted Creator has kept me distant from You as well. Dear child! My heart cannot remain peaceful without seeing the face of this child with beautiful hair. O Radhika! If You live here with me then I will surely pass my days in happiness. O daughter! You are controlled by Your mother in law, but my heart always desires to see You. Fie on the Creator! For he made His creation without considering those who are in love. My mind is like an unqualified cakora bird pained in separation from the moon of Syama. You must cool Him with the water of Your embrace, scented with the lotus of Your cool body.'" "After speaking these words revealing her desire to meet You, Yasoda gave me this attractive ruby necklace. Although previously worn by Krishna, Yasoda wants You to accept it as a gift."