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The Work


All glories to the effulgent, amusing glimmer in the eyes of Radha upon seeing the pastime of Her bathing ceremony. Spreading bliss in every direcŽtion, Radha's glance eclipsed the beauty of  Caitra (the month of Madhava or spring, March-April) the full moon, anu the beauty of Madhava Himself. Radhika, the most fortunate daughter of King Vrsabhanu, is the best among all the women  of Vraja. Radha's wonderful nature gives the greatest joy to the playful Madhava, and She always plays in the company of Her happy friends. One day, the daughter of Kirtida, Radha, whose  spotless glory is ever increasing, went to a mango grove along with other women who held great love for Krishna. Radhika appeared like the moon of sixteen phases, with all its brightness,  entering the night sky, the courtyard of its pleasurable pastimes. As the Creator is skillful at producing variety, the sakhis appeared as an astonishing masterpiece of beauty. The gopis glowed like  the abundant white rays of the moon in Gokula, which also shone with spotless rays.Surpassing the sweetness of the full moon, thegopis annihilated the differŽence between the waxing and  waning phases of the moon. Though their bodŽies were naturally beautiful without ornaments, they wore many gold ornaŽments on their jewel-like limbs. In comparison to those golden  ornaments, their dazzling forms appeared like great devotees distributing mercy to qualiŽfied souls. Because of their marvelous pastimes the heavenly damsels praised the sakhis as wondrous,  moving desire trees.


Defeating the excellence of the goddess of fortune Laksmi, the Vvajagopis proudly exhibit all the sixty-four arts in fullness. The luster of their bodies competed with the glitter of their jeweled  chains to produce a pleasing radiŽance. Though there was one group of gopis manifesting various types of exalted rasa, they became divided as they quarreled in a joking mariner. Usurping the  residence of Laksmi from Krishna's chest, the gopis entered the lotus of His heart to take rest. Their natural effulgences shown like all the digits of the moon rising in the attractive, joyous ocean of  Krishna prema. They emanated a natural glow like the all-attractive moon. The gof embodiments of beauty, and the choicest words of the best of poems.The attractive sound of their ornaments  spread in all directions as the gopis performed their actions. One group of sweet naluredg6>p;.s, filled with great attachment to Radhika, surrounded that bestgopi. They appeared like a belt of  bells encircling the broad hips of Krishna.