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Conversation between Radha and Lalita


Seeing the attractive madhavi creeper of spring assisting her friend the sweet mango trees, Radha, filled with boundless pleasure, said to Lalita, "Look there, O friend! As the madhavi creeper becomes ornamented with new clusters of leaves like beautiful breasts, it takes the association of the black bumblebees and manifests the bright beauty of spring (Madhava). With ,rour splendid breasts and the artistic desians drawn on vour face vou can also attract the bumblebee of Krishna. By participating in the conjugal pas¬times of Madhava, you can increase the splendor of spring.

"Now I will arrange the marriage of this madhavi creeper, with its attrac¬tive limbs surrounded by bees, with the mango tree with its fickle budded hands. Even if the mango kisses the madhavi creeper, there is no cause for fear. Inner meaning: (Now I will make you, the madhavi heroine, marry the dhrsta (audacious) hero Krishna, who is filled with sweetness and whose fickle hands are soft like mango shoots.)


"O friend! Upon seeing you, this mango creeper, with hands tender as new shoots moving in the sweet breeze, and who can see very far, is calling out for Krishna through the warble of the cuckoo bird."Seeing Radha joking with Lalita in this way, Vishakha studied Radha's gentle, sweet smiling face and uncovered Radha's thoughts by speaking as follows.

Vishakha said, "I informed You many times that You should be very deter¬mined. Who can joke with You at this place today? It is better that we gather the fresh madhavi flowers for making ornaments for our beloved."


Picking Flowers and Making a Garland


On the pretext of Surya Puja, Radha picked the madhavi flowers. As Radha, the acarya of all fine arts, strung a flower garland for Her beloved, Her body erupted in tiny bumps of joy. Radhika's maidservants quickly and attentively made a beautiful flowerbed. When Radha, overwhelmed in hap¬piness, gently sat upon this bed of white flowers it appeared like the Ganga scattered with golden lotuses. Holding a needle and thread in Her left hand, Radha carefully strung the flowers one by one with Her right hand. It seemed that She was stringing the sakltis' minds at the same time. At the touch of Radha's red lotus hands the madhavi flowers seemed to turn red. When the flowers touched Her moonlikc nails they became white as rising stars. The maidservants of the sakhis brought flowers, water, tamhula, candana, ointments, pens, ornaments, fans, dice and a chessboard for the service of Radhika.