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Narada's Message


"One day Narada Muni said, 'When Radha obtains the articles of lordship such as ornaments, She will be enthroned with an abhiseka in Krishna's forest.' Elsewhere at another time he said in ecstasy, 'When Radhika's abhiseka is undertaken, Her friends like Candrakanti's Gandharva maidens will serve Her.'"


Radha's Response


Radha, because of Her intense longing, did not have faith that this festival could extinguish Her anguish. She meditated upon the nature of the words. 'Will My hairs stand on end by gaining lordship in Krishna's forest and by increasing My beauty. Will not all this simply increase the disturbance in My heart?"


Indications of a Meeting


As a result of their great happiness, the gopis became peaceful. By the movement of their eyebrows and the words of Vishakha, Nandimukhi caught a hint of a meeting of Radha and Krishna.

Vishakha spoke, "O dear friend Nandimukhi, today Radha cannot go any¬where. Therefore today you must satisfy Krishna. Look, She is now going to the mallika forest with Malati." Understanding the hint, Nandimukhi, smiling slightly, bid farewell to go to her asrama. Radha conveyed Her respects to Paurnamasi and, with tears in Her eyes, gave a message to deliver to Yasoda.

"O Nandi! After gathering great quantities of the best flowers for worship of the sun (Krishna), by good fortune we could see Yasoda." Nandimukhi found satisfaction in tasting the words of Radha and seeing Her face. Aston¬ished, she said to smiling Radha, "Go gather flowers. There indeed, You will get Your desired fruit (Krishna). I am now going to offer some dream flowers (preparations for the abhiseka that Lalita saw in her dream) to the lotus feet of my gum (Paurnamasi)."