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Messages from Rohini and Paurnamasi


"O sakhil Rohini, the mother of Baladeva, as well as other affectionate women in the city, friends such as Gunamala, and other women, shedding tears and embracing me, have sent many messages for You. Please hear every¬thing, including the words of Paurnamasi, who is extremely anxious to see You. "Paurnamasi said, 'O Nandi, I cannot move far along the road because of my vratas. You will please me if you go quickly to Radha, give Her my blessings, comfort Her, and return here with the latest news. With the help of Yogamaya, I have protected Her from the association of Her false husband  Abhimanyu. For this reason, Radrfa has always been able to stay away from him. The sakhis are in a state of constant alarm because of Radha's listless nature. The state of the sakhis on seeing Radha's bewilderment in love is like the anxiety we would feel were the ocean to submerge our houses, the protec¬tors of our life.


'Nandi! Please offer this auspicious arghya over the attractive head of Radha. Then announce my message: "The two persons Radha and Madhava surpass the whole earth in superexcellent qualities. You two have attracted all my deer-like senses from afar and bound them in the forest of Vrindavana. When I drink the nectar of the sweet syllables "Radha Madhava," O daughter, what should I say? When I attentively hear about the devatas longing for amrtu, icpulsion rises in my heai 1.1 develop disgust for studying the exalted Vedas, which promise immortality. As the sky splendidly celebrates the purnima tithi with a full display of light rays, Gokula shines with Radha and Madhava. The vast expanse of Gokula has become the perfect place to fulfil the desires of Paurnamasi. Madhava is the full moon and You are the splendid autumn light. "O Radhika! There are so many desirous women in Gokula qualified for Krishna's association, but You alone can perfectly satisfy Madhava's desires. Sumukhi Radha! If I can bring about the union of the red lotus heroine and the sun Qiari), then all the phases of time will receive Your blessings. If this happens the unsatisfied bees will besiege You. Inner meaning: (Your elders, like frustrated envious scorpions will obstruct Your meeting with Madhava.) "O root of auspiciousness! By Your devotion You have brought the devatas as well as us under Your control. By appearing in Vraja, You have made Your own family successful along with the other Vrajavasis. With Your friendship, sterling qualities, embraces, and kisses You have nourished all of Madhava's limbs along with Lalita and others.


"O Radha (also the name of a star constellation) Your bodily effulgence shines brightly in the nights of Vaisakha month to increase everyone's bliss. Surrounded by countless constellations of sakhis, You rise each night along with the moon, and compliment the full moon with Your luster. Inner mean¬ing: (O Radha! Will You support old Paurnamasi by rising along with the moon of Gokula who destroys all inauspiciousness. Revealing the brilliant luster of Your body in the company of Your sakhis, You will increase the bliss of Syamasundara.'"