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The Message from Krishna


Nandimukhi continues, "Then, taking permission from the revered Paurnamasi, I came along the forest path. At that time, from all sides the forest goddesses showered Your glories upon me. O sakhil I became so happy hearing Your glories that I wandered far away, losing all sense of direction. In this way, I gradually came to a flower grove protected by bees. "In that place a remarkable fragrance spreads, scenting all the flowers, while the sandal-scented wind gently blows. O sakfiil Puzzled by that pervad¬ing fragrance, I suddenly saw the most astonishing thing! There was an inde¬scribable dark luminescence, a deep darkness, as if this part of the forest were surrounded by a swarm of bees. There was a karnika tree blossoming with flowers, looking like thousand-eyed Indra. When I saw the tree, it seemed to be crying in joy at having attained its desired object as it oozed streams of san I was awe struck by this scene. Then my eyes fell upon the most astonishingly beautiful form in an area spread with flower pollen.


"I saw Krishna's unprecedented sweet form but I could not properly glorify riim. Krishna can only be praised as unapproachable bywords and senses. He alone can make Himself known. Such qualities as His appear nowhere else. He whom You are always worshipping, who gives meaning to Your name "Radha," He for whom You have drenched Yourself in tears, He who under¬goes forest life and great austerities only for You—He is truly incomparable. "Seeing Krishna's beauty even the most chaste of women such as You be¬come wonder struck and bid farewell to their chastity. Can anyone perfectly describe the sweetness of that form, black as a storm cloud? With just His black form, yellow dress, gunja mala and peacock feather, though seemingly without ornaments, Krishna is adorned with all ornaments.


"Krishna's ankle bells jingled sweetly like the joyous sound of swans savor¬ing the stems of the lotus. Like lightning playing in the lap of the clouds, Krishna's golden belt flashed against His black hips. His pearl necklace shone on His chest like white stars twinkling in the sky. As the design of a deer appears on the surface of the moon, similarly, a flute covers His face. Be¬cause Krishna fills the lakes of the minds of the young women with the sweet¬ness of intense prema, it seems that He has qualities of the autumn rain, showering the nectar of His beauty. "O moon faced girl! Krishna's beautiful form enhances the attraction of His youth. With His youthfulness His cleverness becomes more attractive, with His cleverness desire increases, and with desire the waves of attraction in¬crease and inundate You with bliss. If Your intense love were to join with Krishna, endowed with beautiful eyebrows, Cupid himself would throw down His flower bow, being enchanted by that beauty.