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Eagerness for Meeting Krishna


"For those who have seen the blue lotus of His attractive form, just on thinking of You, would their bee-like eyes not develop an intense greed? Would they not want to see Your union? Krishna's complexion defeats the blue lotus, and He stands bedecked with many jeweled necklaces. An attractive belt surrounds His waist, which is covered with fine yellow cloth. Cupid has drowned in the ocean of Krishna's attractive form. "Understanding Your anger, today Krishna has a great desire to see You. He stands holding His cheek with His left hand, and He has almost dropped the flute from His right hand. Encountering daily affairs, Krishna tightly closes His dizzy eyes. Seeing Him in such a state, I have searched everywhere for You. At once I understood that the cause of all this is Your love and Your youthful form.


"Revealing His cunning nature, He asked about You with the intention of discerning our meeting place. When I failed to respond that intelligent lover praised You. Sufferinglhe pangs of love, Krishna respectfully spoke about You. Oh Sumukhi Radha! Krishna's mouth not only speaks of Your qualities, but also tries to taste the sweetness of Your lips. "At that time Krishna told me, 'Radhika is the medicine sustaining My life She is the lotus-filled lake for the bee of My mind. She is the garland adorning My chest. That Radha has not yet come to the forest. O Nandimukhi! You must assist in manifesting the drama of My words. Go to the assembly of Radha and tell Her what I said.' "In separation from You, Krishna's peacock feather fell off His head; but due to His bewilderment He did not even notice it. That Krishna made a request, 'O woman fickle as lightning! Bless this person who distributes intenseprema with the presence of Your beautiful form. This miserable person is burning with pain. So please do something to reduce the heat. I have prayed to hold You outside My heart, but seeing My feeble love You have taken up residence within the core of My heart. And You have become proud of that. Though Radha has separated from Me, in My heart She is always enjoying with Me. But being angry, the wicked Creator has dissolved that vision. Even in My heart I cannot see You.


'O sakhi, though You dominate My mind, You destroy My will power. This becomes an obstacle to pleasure. Therefore, fickle-eyed woman, do not come before Me now in an angry mood. I am always very soft, but You are always unfortunately proud and ruthless. O lord, will there be a meeting between Us again? Do not reject Your dearest lover. Now somewhere nearby I will attain Her. This thought is coming to My mind. O Radha, just once show Your love for Me. O beautiful faced Radha, come once to see Your Vrindavana. If You glance towards the tamala tree there, I will experience Your generosity.' "Saying this, Syamasundara wandered over to a flowering campaka tree and leaned against it. What can I say? Under my breath I said "Radhe, Radhe." Then Madhava, tasting the nectar of Your name, slowly opened His eyes and in choked voice spoke to me.


"O Nandi, quickly go to Radha and reveal the pain in My mind to Her. Satisfy Me by offering this garland to Her beautiful form.' "Taking His order, I made my way here. Now my mind is swaying in expectation of a meeting between the two of You. You know the unspeakable love in His heart, and He knows the innermost feelings of Yours. My carrying messages is like sprinkling a few drops of water in the ocean." When they understood the meaning of the words, the sakhis tears preŽvented them from speaking. They did not harbor a speck of pride. Though Radha checked the rising feelings of love in Her heart with Her composure, any living entity, on observing Her face, would drown in an ocean of pain. For a moment the sakhis remained silent. Trembling in happiness, Nandimukhi then conveyed Paurnamasi's blessings to Lalita and the sakhis.