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The Chapter Closes


In this way, joyful Nandimukhi, after giving bliss to the sakhis, went to comfort Madhava, who was full of longing. In that same direction the chief sakhis quickly sent Radha to have a meeting with Krishna on the pretext of gathering flowers. The beauty of the ocean increases with its fish jumping in the waves. The drops of water appear like strings of pearls. The ocean, the shelter of all rivers from various places, is the root of all auspiciousness for the world. In the same way, the ardor of Radha, spreading a variety of pleasures of love in all directions, manifested as the beauty of dancing eyes. Her ardor produced a shower of tears like strings of pearls and uninterrupted waves of perspiration. May Radha's ocean of longing for the bee of Krishna bestow the most auspi-ciousprema upon you. I offer my constant service to incomparably beautiful Krishna, who some¬how delivered me, burning since time immemorial in the forest fire of mate¬rial life, and who placed me near His pure servants.Paying respects at the feet of his brother Shri Sanatana Gosvami, the image of complete mercy and fulfiller of all desires, I eternally worship Shri Rupa Gosvami. mv master whose worshipable lord is Krishna, who accepted me as his servant.