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The Blessings of Paurnamasi


"The sweetness of Radha will be revealed in a great festival undertaken by Krishna and His friends. Destroying all lamentation and the deepest darkness, this festival will establish the goalof worship of all the devas, give auspicious lineage, and protect the spiritual path. It will protect the night, the universe, and the wealth of the house. This festival will illumine Vraja, inspire poets and give splendor to the rays of light."


Lalita's Dream and Eagerness for the Festival


Encouraged by the words of Nandimukhi, Lalita thereafter enthused Nandimukhi with her own words. Great souls benefit each other through their elevated intellects. Lalita said, "O Tapasvini! (Nandimukhi) A great auspicious festival is revealing itself before my eyes like the rising of a full moon. The bee of my heart is beginning to reel. In a jeweled yard, I saw goddesses worshipping our dear Radha, who was blissful due to the presence of Krishna. I am seeing that dream image even now in my waking state." Closing her eyes for a long time, Nandimukhi then spoke as if moonlight were spreading from her moon-like mouth. Her words made the sakhis weep and perspire. "In that water where lotuses bloom and duck-weed floats, do not a pair of fish play? Inner meaning: (If the heart blossoms by meditation on an object of pleasure, and the hairs stand on end, will not the eyes attain sight of that object in the end?) After the abhiseka will I be able to dress Radha, holding a golden scepter given by Vrinda, in the forest of the prince of the cowherds?"


Hearing Lalita's dream and Nandimukhi's words, the sakhis' hair stood on end and their bodies became transformed. "O sakhis, though the ocean increases each day with the rising of the moon, on the full moon night it expands to fullness. Though your hearts melt on seeing the moon face of dear Radha, they will attain an indescribable bliss at the festival of Radha's abhiseka."