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The Sakhis Taste Radha's Beauty


By repeatedly drinking the nectar flowing from the moon-like face of Radha, the cakora eyes of the sakhis emitted that nectar, but again drank it. No matter how much they drank, they could not be satisfied. Though the ears of those sakhis with raised eyebrows became like maddened bees drinking the honey sweet words from Radha's lotus mouth, they did not lose their compoŽsure. But their eyes danced in rapture.The wealth of Radhika's good qualities became necklaces for that gatherŽing oigopis, and Her words became the flower ornaments for their ears. Radha's beauty became a golden ointment stick for their eyes, and Her in fatuation with Krishna became their crest jewel.


The Sakhis Intentions & Radha's Confusion


Did not the sakhis, their bodies covered with tiny bumps of ecstasy, priŽvately ask amongst themselves, "Will we meet Syamasundara today, and will He blissfully satisfy our dear friend Radha?" They all desired that today Radha would meet Syamasundara in a private grove and give Him the topŽmost pleasure.A bee becomes eager to enter the center of a lotus having smelled its fragrance carried by the wind. Similarly, Radha, on hearing about Krishna's joking fickle words from the gopis, became eager to meet Krishna. The rasa filled words of Krishna spoken in a sweet tone evoked a strong sense of love (raga) in Radha's heart. This is not astonishing; for that is the glory oiprema. This particular uddipana (stimuli for ecstatic feelings) enflamed the ever present fire of Radha's attraction for Krishna. Within a moment an ocean of prema inundated Radha's body. All the sattvika bhavas such as tears, perspiŽration, shivering, hairs standing on end, being stunned, and fainting appeared in a blazing state of brilliance.Despite the constant attention of the sakhis, Radha's lotus face remained withered. Though surrounded on all sides by Her loving sakhis, Radhika saw the world as totally empty. Radha finally returned to a normal state after being soothed by the kind words and actions of Her friends.


Radha's Separation


Seeing that the sakhis were still sad, Radha spoke to them in a choked voice. 'Osakfiis! It seems the Creator has put a mark of bad fortune on your moon-like foreheads. Let your hearts be burned by the fire of Krishna's qualiŽties. The flower garlands I strung for Him have all dried up and withered away. How do you spend your days in such pain? Sakhisl Everywhere I see the young girls of Vraja enjoying sweet pastimes with Krishna. It seems that the merciless Creator is killing you.


"You are all pious and fortunate, but you cannot drink the sweetness of Hari to your full satisfaction. Now I understand the reason. This unfortunate association is bringing about your destruction. If by good fortune a young woman were to be born in a Vrajavasi family, she would not be one of our group and have to suffer like this. Any other living entities, beside we gopis, could never endure even a moment's separation from Krishna once having experienced His beautiful form. By foolishly thinking that we are His dearmost we continue to live, even in His complete absence. " Fire inhabits the center of Hie small sumi tree. I low can the tree continue to live for such a long time in that condition? Inner meaning: (Once a woman offers her mind and life to Krishna, how can she remain peaceful in heart?) Yet we continue living in a pitiful condition. I do not object if the flames in the sandalwood forest of remembrance of Krishna continuously scorch us. But why is the flute wandering about blowing on the flame to increase its heat? Remembrance of Krishna brings us such pain, and the sound of His flute increases it.


"O flute! No one will forbid you if you silently drink the honey of Hari's lotus face. Krishna has already bewildered this woman, so why do you afflict Her even more with your indistinct, attractive sound? Paurnamasi and her student Nandimukhi (who help Me meet Krishna) do not remember Me now. When misfortune works against one it affects the whole body."


Nandimukhi Consoles Radha


Radha's uncontrolled words of love disturbed the hearts of Her sakhis. Sauntering with delicate steps, Nandimukhi heard some of Radha's words as she arrived. The sakhis stood up to respectfully welcome her with folded hands. With flowing tears, Nandimukhi embraced each sakhi. The sakhis, with generous hearts, offered her a sitting place. After asking some intricate questions, Radha listened to the news of Her beloved. Filled with eagerness, Radha spoke in a choked voice, "Where is Krishna coming from now?"


As if plucking blooming flowers from a lotus creeper and stringing them on a soft thread, Nandimukhi, seeing the blossoming love of Radha for Krishna, spoke some gentle words to fathom the depths of Her feelings. "O queen of the sakhis! By the order of Paurnamasi I have come to see You. While walkŽing on the forest path I caught a glimpse of Hari before proceeding to Gokula to see Yasoda.