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Twenty-seventh Purana


Conclusion of the Five-Chapter Description of the Rasa-Dance



     1. Exhausted and perspiring because of Their pastimes, dark Krishna and the fair gopis went to the Yamuna. Respectfully approaching, limitless hundreds of gopis suddenly entered the Yamuna’s nectar waters.

     2. Thinking, “Dark Krishna and the beautiful gopis have crossed the shore and entered me”, the dark Yamuna at once overflowed its banks.

     3. The splendid bodies of Krishna and the gopis were like many monsoon clouds and many lightning flashes. Their words were like the warbling of cataka birds. Their splendor was like the splendor of the monsoon season. They were like a great assembly of many Lord Narayanas and Goddess Lakshmis holding hands and entering the dark sky that was the Yamuna river.

     4. Again and again laughing and talking, They entered the water. Their bodies now wet, They greatly trembled. Now They stood in the water. Their splendor led one to know they were present there.

     5. When some graceful-curved-eyebrowed girls would not enter the water, Krishna splashed them. Thinking lightly of this Krishna, the girls splashed Him back.

     6. Now become like a cloud showering sweet monsoon rains, Krishna furiously splashed the gopis. Stung as if by a shower of arrows, the gopis entered the water.

     7. Plunged in water up to their waists, the restless-eyed doelike girls dreaded proceeding any further into the water.

     8. Thinking they were other fish, the fish stayed away from the places where the gopis’ restless eyes were reflected on the water. Instead touching the frightened gopis’ delicate bodies, the fish brought nectar amusement to Krishna’s eyes.

     9. Observinbg the gopis’ graceful motions, the swans admit that the gopis are the true rulers of the kingdom of graceful motion. Seeing the gopis’ breasts glorious like monsoon clouds, the cakravaka birds admit that the gopis are the true rulers of the kingdom of glorious monsoon clouds. Seeing the gopis’ eyes, the fish admit that ther gopis are the true rulers of the kingdom of graceful restless objects. Hearing the gopis’ sweetly jangling belts and ornaments, the sarasa cranes admit that the gopis are the true rulers of the kingdom of sweet jangling.

     10. Defeating all the lotus flowers, the gopis’ faces shine with great splendor. How did they defeat them? They defeated them with their supreme beauty and splendor.

     11. Krishna cast a sidelong glance at the smiling gopis. Then He started the pastime of water-splashing

     12. In the flowing monsoon cloud that was the Yamuna, the monsoon cloud Krishna splashed water on the ligthning-flash gopis, and the lightning-flash gopis splashed water on the monsoon-cloud Krishna. Flying in the sky in their airplanes, the demigoddesses said, “What wonder, wonder, wonder is that? What dramatic-dance festival is that?”

     13. In water up to their necks, the lotus-faced gopis were like lotus forests embraced by the black-bee Krishna.

     14. When Krishna defeated them in the water-splashing fight, the fair-limbed gopis hid in a forest of golden lotus flowers. Imitating them, Krishna hid in a forest of blue lotus flowers.

     15. The faces of Krishna and the gopis were naturally fragrant like lotus flowers, beautiful like lotus flowers, and sweet like lotus flowers. Why would Krishna and the gopis not have been bewildered when in their water pastimes They both hid among the lotus flowers?

     16. When Krishna somehow found them hiding in the lotus forest, the gopis let up a cry of “Alas! Alas!”

     17. Seeing a smiling blossoming blue lotus, and in her heart seeing Krishna’s face and relishing its nectar, a frighteened gopi hid amongst her gopi friends splendid like her.

     18. Grasping and embracing her, Krishna rescued a gopi floundering in deep water.

     19. In water up to their breasts, some beautiful gopis yearned to defeat their life’s master Krishna. Hiding, they suddenly splashed Him with water. How could they fail to defeat Him in that attack?

     20. As a black bee drinks the nectar from the mouths of the lotus flowers that surround him, so clever Krishna, by kissing them, drank the nectar of the lips of the beautiful-eyed gopis that then surrounded Him.

     21. With His fingernails Krishna scratched the gopis breasts. When He suddenly, forcefully, and wonderfully embraced them, the gopis were sorely wounded by Kamadeva’s arrows.

     22. His long arms reaching to His knees, Krishna approached the gopis, whose large eyes seemed almost to touch their ears. Krishna placed His hand on the gopis’tight belts.

     23. When, followed by Her gopi-friends, Radha arrived at that place of water-pastimes, Her lover Krishna became stunned with bliss. He made no attampt to splash Her.

     24. When, accompanied by Her entourage, Radha approached to join in the water-pastime battle, Krishna becanme stunned and motionless. The gopis did not know what to do. They thought their queen had already defeated Her beloved.

     25. His lotus eyes surrounded by curly locksa of hair, Krishna gazed at Radha as a black bee gazes at a lotus flower. Frightened, Radha backed away. Then Krishna entered amongst the gopis that were Radha’s army. He defeated them.

     26. The nectar of ferocious battle-pastimes then took birth amongst the sublimely beautiful gopis. Their eyes red with passionate desire for water-pastimes, the splendid gopis loudly laughed.

     27. Surrounded by ten million teenage vraja-gopis, Krishna, fighting alone, began His playful water-pastime battle. First Krishna walked onto the shore, as He had done before when He stole the garments of the gopis when they had worshipped Goddess Katyayani.

     28. RThe gopis’ words were like thee swans’ warbling. Their garments were like the nearby waters. Their faces were like lotus flowers. Their restless eyes were like black bees. Their gracefullimbs were like lotus stems.

     29. “Haha!” The sound of laughter filled the water and the shore. Some laughter was like the sweet warbling of cataka birds. Other laughter was like the rumbling of rainclouds.

     30. As before He laughed again and again as He returned the gopis’ garments, this time He gazed at the clothed-gopis’ faces and also laughed again and again.

     31. At that time the gopis accepted their garments from Krishna. Some gopis were restless, somewere restless with crooked desires, some were red with embarrassment, some were stunned, some wept without any trace of a smile, some were filled with pride and anger, and all gazed again and again at Krishna whop enchants the three worlds. All yearned to attain Him. At that time some demigoddesses glorious with exquisite garments, ornaments, and flower garlands, and flying in the sky in their airplanes, showered flowers on Krishna and the gopis.

     32. Seeing their garments were now wet, Krishna affectionately and respectfully gave new garments and ornaments to the gopis.

     33. Emerging from the water, Krishna’s beloved gopis were very splendid and beautiful. Dressed in colorful garments, they were glorious.

     34. Now dressed in many glorious ornaments, Krishna and the gopis found that a strong desire to gaze at each other had taken birth within Them. The gopis gazed at youthful Krishna dressed in glorious garments. Many demigoddesses flying in airplanes in the sky then honored ther gopis by showering flowers upon them.

     35. Speaking a tricky joke, the gopis said to Krishna: Who is this person named Kamadeva, who is the general of Your army? He is Your friend. Show him to us.”

     36. With a concealed smileShri Krishna then said to Radha (the words of the following song).


A Song



radhe maishir drashtum anangam

tasya tu pashya ganam krita-satkrita-sukrita-sulambhita-sangam



     Radha, don’t desire to see Kamadeva! Look! Here are his friends! By worshiping them You will easily see Kamadeva.



taru-valli-tati dampati-palli bhavatim atithiyanti

akarayati calan-nava-pallava-panibhir atmiyanti



     This village of trees, along with their wives the vines, make You its guest. Waving the new sprouts that are its hands, it invites You to enter.



sa punar iha kusumani kirati pathi racayitum astara-caryam

kokila-kulam api tava hutim kila kalam anu kalayati varyam



     This village of trees and vines spreads flowers on the path to serve You. The cuckoos call You with sweet music.



bhrunkarena ca bheri-shabdam bhramara vidadhati sa-sukham

shithilitam api bata tanute nartanam abhitash cali-pramukham



     By making buzzing sounds the bees play bheri drums as the peacocks spread their tails and happily dance.



nija-ruci-dipam paritah prathayati so ‘yam rajanisvami

esha ca panthah svam vistritavams tvat-pada-rajasam kami



     The moon spreads its beautiful light everywhere. He illuminates this path because he desires to touch the dust of Your lotus feet.


     37. Dressed in glorious garments, Krishna and the gopis shone with great splendor as they walked in a glorious forest by the Yamuna’s banks. Krishna then reminded the gopis of the various pastimes they had enjoyed day after day in the various places of that forest.

     38. In husband and wife pairs the black bees left their own abodes, followed Krishna and the gopis, and sang auspicious songs glorifying Krishna and tyhe gopis. How did the black bees know anything of the glories of Krishna and the gopis. Wherever Krishna and the gopis went, the black bees followed. Therefore the bees knew everythiong of these glories.

     39. At this point Snigdhakantha asked: When only a little remained of the night Krishna and the gopis wandered in many places. What pastimes did eager Krishna and the gopis enjoy then?

     40. To this question Madhukantha replied: Krishna and the gopis then played a game of hide-and-seek. Krishna arranged this game so He could meet each gopis individually in various privatre places. As the gopis were searching for Krishna in this game, Krishna expanded into many different forms. Each gopis met privately with one of those forms. In this way Krishna took each one of the peerlessly-beautiful-eyed gopis far away to a secluded place in the forest.

     41. Though sometimes they saw another gopi meet with Krishna in a secluded place, the gopis did not believe what they saw. In their hearts they were certain what they saw was only a golden yuthi vine embracing a dark tamala tree.

     42. Though they heard the jingling of other gopis’ anklets, the gopis thought it only the warbling of some birds. Though they saw the forms of Krishna and other gopis, they thought those forms only a many dark tamala and fair campaka trees

     43. That forest was not filled with blinding darkness. The glorious moon filled the forest with light, the forest where, in place after place, Krishna and the gopis became wealthy with a great treasure of amorous pastimes.

     44. In those secluded places Krishna and the gopis playfully talked and flirted. On their restless splendid bodies the hairs blossomed erect. They became restless with the desire to enjoy amorous pastimes.

     45. Krishna and the gopis then enjoyed the ten rasas favorable to conjugal love, rasas that are: astonishment, dread, anger, ghastliness, respect for elders or superiors, compassion, chivalry, laughter, neutrality, and conjugal love one after the other. Finally They enjoyed the rasa of conjugal love.

     46. Wandering in the forest, Krishna and gopis saw in the full moon’s light many wonderful varieties of birds, beasts, vines, and trees, some They had known before and some They had never known before. In this way They tasted the rasa of astonishment.

     47. Sometimes They entered forest groves filled with wild bees gathering pollen from hosts of flowers. The gopis became afraid. Krishna calmed them with sweet words. In this way the gopis experienced the rasa of dread.

     48. When sometimes a bold black bee stung a gopi and brought to her difficult-to-remove tears, Krishna, His ewyes now become like red lotus flowers almost touching His shark-shaped earrings, violently punished that bee, striking him with a formidable long-stemmed pastime-lotus-flower. In this way Krishna enjoyed the rasa of anger.

     49. Sometimes a gopi, her splendid face filled with charming playfulness, saw a lotus-flower growing from the dry ground and (unaware that some species of lotus grow not in ponds but on dry land) became filled with shock and horror. In this way that gopi experienced the rasa of ghastliness.

     50. Sometimes, learning the arts of sweet warbling from a group of parrots, a gopi, now them her teachers and herself their student, would sing very sweetly. In this way she experienced the rasa of being respectful to elders or superiors.

     51. Sometimes, seeing that in the course of Their agitated pastimes they had crushed some graceful buds on a flowering vine, Krishna and ther gopis shed a few tears from Their eyes. In this way They experienced the rasa of compassion.

     52. Sometimes, to break into pieces the great festival of their pride, Krishna engaged the graceful banana-tree-thighed gopis in pastimes of amorous battle. In this way He a they enjoyed the rasa of chivalry.

     53. Sometimes, seeing Their shadows move here and there in exaggerated ways as They enjoyed amorous pastimes, Krishna and the gopis would laugh greatly. In this way They enjoyed the rasa of laughter.

     54. Sometimes, exhausted after enjoying many pastimes, Krishna and the gopis, feeling Their hearts renounce the happiness They formerly felt by touching each other, now happily closed Their eyes in sleep. In this way They experienced the rasa of neutrality.

     55. Sometimes, even though already exhausted by enjoying many wild amorous pastimes, Krishna and the gopis continued to enjoy again and again, staying awake the whole night, awake and always plunged in the ocean of passionate amorous pastimes. In this way Krishna and His gopi-beloveds enjoyed pastimes of conjugal love.

     56. Seeing a black bee kiss a flowering vine and a parrot kiss a pomegranate, amorous Krishna yearned to kiss the gopis.

     57. Krishna is like a black bee that bites the lips of a the lotus flowers and tastes their nectar. Even from afar seeing the charming gopis, Krishna is overcome with passionate desire.

     58. Gazing and gazing at the moonlight, Vrindavana forest, its many groves, the couches in those groves, Krishna and the doe-eyed gopis, and Their amorous pastimes, my heart is enchanted. Now it turns from all material things. Gazing at these things in relation to Krishna, my heart at once goes to them. Ah, how shall I ever look at material things again?

     59. The gopis have thus been described in a general way. However, more specifically it may be said: The virtues of the other gopis may be described, But the glory and good fortune of Shri Radha cannot be described. No one has the power to describe all Her glories. If Her glories are described, then all other descriptions are chased far away.

     60. Even while they embraced Krishna, the gopis feared the moment when they would be separated from Him, and that fear became a wrinkle present in their pastimes with Him. Leaving their homes, they went to forest coottages to enjoy pastimes with Krishna. In those places their pastimes with Krishna became fully blossomed. But even then they remembered that the cruel reddish dawn would eventually come (and stop these pastimes).

     61. At the end of night the eastern horizon becomes reddish, the moon begins to set in the west, the white lotus flowers close their petals, and, fearing that the night will soon end, Krishna’s beloved gopis wither with sorrow.

     62. Flying in the sky in their airplanes, the demigoddesses say: A being may start in a lowly position, eventually become raised to an exalted position, and then fall again to a lowly position. Look. The beautiful-faced gopis’ faces, the blue lotus flowers, and moon have all fallen from an exalted position.

     63. Alas! The moon, which is the friend of tyhe lotus flowers and the friend of all who burn with sorrow has fallen into the western ocean. The blue lotus flowers are now embarrassed by the playful gopis’ sidelong glances.

     64. Vraja’s gopi-goddesses say: The reddish dawn now quickly rises and conquers the sky. Now the stars and us gopis are all crushed into powder.

     65. Thinking of their conditioon, Krishna, whose nature is always glorious and auspicious and whose is eternally a graceful teenager, wiped the ftears flowing along the lotus faces of the gopis, who dropped hints of embracing Him and hints of the great glory of their love for Him. Comforting them, Krishna said:

     66. O gopi-friend, When I held you in My arms, I did not allow that opportunity to be broken into pieces by anything else. Although My desires were all fulfilled, My heart was still not satisfied. Our relatives and elders became obstacles that stopped the fulfillment of Our desires. Now is the time you must return home. O friend, please do not wilt with sorrow.

     67. After first touching Krishna with their hands, embracing Him, and enjoying pastimes as before, the gopis finally departed and walked on the path to Vraja.

     68. Although in His heart He was submissive to the gopis’ wishes, Krishna also considered the needs of the others who dearly loved Him. Krishna acted as good people act.

     69. Now separated from Krishna, the more than ten million gopis returned to their own villages. They did not know what to do. The gopis who were Krishna’s most confidential associates stayed in the courtyards of their own homes with their gopi-friends. There they enjoyed pastimes.

     70. The gopis gave all honor to Krishna. Expertly He had kissed them. Tightly He had embraced them. They believed His words. Did He act to bring auspiciousness to them, or did He not? I do not know.

     71. Their voices choked with emotion, the gopis said to Krishna: “Now we have to power to associate with You. O Krishna, please hear our appeal. Saintly persons do not abandon persons they once accepted.”

     72. Separated from each other, Krishna and the gopis were overcome. They were bathed and hugged by the tears falling from their eyes. Their bodies were covered with tears. Their chests were wet with tears. Their hearts were melting with tears.

     73. Hearing the tumultuous warbling of many birds, Krishna and the gopis knew, “Dawn is here.” They were very surprised. They suddenly possessed a great wealth of trembling. Tears fell from their eyes. They were rapt in thinking of eachother. Now they would be separated.

     74. Again and again Radha and Krishna gazed at each oitehr with crooked eyes. Again and again They wept. That They somehow had the power to return to Their homes was not suprising. After all, saintly and righteous persons, without any resistence, always do what is right.

     75. When they were separated from Him, Krishna’s gopi-beloveds felt great sorrow take birth in their hearts. However, Radha felt the worst kind of torment when She was separated from Krishna.

     76. In the autumn moonlight Krishna and the gopis had enjoyed many pastimes. Now they saw that the brahma-mhurta had come. Although Their hearts were filled with effulgence, They carefully covered Their bodies. They walked on hidden paths. In their hearts they meditated on these pastimes. They thirsted after more pastimes. In this way, exhausted, They entered Vraja village.

     77. Externally, the rasa-dance festival came to an end, but in did not end within the gopis’ hearts. It is said: When the rasa-dance festival had come to an end, the beautiful-eyed gopis became diligently engaged in their household dutiese. Still, they always thought of those pastimes of singing and dancing. It was as if those pastimes were always manifest before their eyes.

     78. In the rasa-dance pastimes Krishna was the amorous hero and the many gopis were His amorous heroines. With their glories the beautiful-eyebrowed gopis defeated even Goddess Lakshmi herself. Their forms were sweet like nectar. They were supremely pure and freet from any imperfection. The wise poets strive to describe all their glories. Still, the poets cannot completely describe all the gopis glories, the gopis wwho were worshiped and praised by Shrila Shukadeva Gosvami.

     79. Then Snigdhakantha said: Ah! Where did the four boys go?

     80. Madhukantha replied: Before they had climbed a great tree. Then they eagerly walked on the path to their master’s house. Now they are silent.

     81. In this way Madhukantha described the rasa-dance pastime. Three yamas of the night had passed. Interrupting his rapt meditation on Krishna’s pastimes, he folded his hands and said:

     82. O beautiful and glorious Radha, the demigods who control the three worlds were delighted by the rasa dance. They all worship Your beloved Krishna.

     83. Again and again calling the honored boy-poets to His side, lotus-eyed Krishna gave them as giofts the very ornaments His gopi-beloveds wore.

     84. Everyone there celebrated a great festival of giving gifts to the two poets. Everyone was glorious with great splendor. They gave gifts as if they were one person and not many. Then they became engaged in their own activities again. Then the brahma-muhurta moment came. Fatigued, they all returned to their own homes.