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Twenty-ninth Purana


Secret Pastimes With Many Secret Wonders and Pleasures




1. Snigdhakanta again described evening pastimes, saying: When the left the rasa dance and turned to their homes, the gopis did not fear their kinsmen, for Lord Krishna's maya potency had manifested duplicates of every gopi at every house. Aware of this, the gopis simply returned home by the regular path.

2. Vrinda arranged that many nights would be passed in nectar rasa-dance pastimes. In many ways she helped Lord Govinda.

3. Vrinda and the gopis planted tamala trees and splendid plants on the pathways leading far from Vraja, pathways Krishna's gopi-beloveds traveled to meet Krishna. In this way they served Lord Hari.

4. They made these arrangements in the various forests. Thus they helped Krishna's gopi-beloveds enjoy rasa-dance pastimes with Krishna at night.

5. Again and again Krishna embraces His gopi-beloveds, whose graceful thighs are like banana-tree trunks. Again and again He enjoys pastimes where they become like necklaces around Him. Again and again He holds them to His chest.

6. With the help of a gopi who is like the greatest cheater of all cheaters, Krishna personally enters the gopis houses. The following is a hint of the direction these pastimes take. Helped by Lalita, Krishna disguises Himself in Vishakha's garments. In this disguise He enters Radha's house in the darkness of night. Sometimes with Vishakha's help Krishna disguises Himself in Lalita's garments.

7. There, in the blinding darkness, to a contrary gopi He desired, Krishna, pretending to be her gopi-friend, spoke these words: "The handsome-eyebrowed best of the gopas yearns to become your friend. That this is true I vow to you. Please accept His friendship."

8 and 9. If somehow the elderly gopis enter the forest place near where lotus-eyed Krishna is enjoying pastimes with the teenage gopis, Krishna enjoys fun at the elder gopis expense. With the help of His gopi-beloved, Krishna expertly tricks the elder gopis. For example, Krishna may say:

"O elder gopi, a demigod now threatens both you and Me with fearful dangers. Pushed by his counselors, that demigod is about to crush these forests and pasturelands into powder. Therefore you should not go here and there in the forest."

10. In another situation a teenage gopi may say: "O elder gopi, the outline of a shark-shaped earring (you see) impressed into my kunkuma-anointed cheek was made by the earring of one of my gopi-friends. That is the truth. It was not made by me, nor was it made by one of my rivals. That is not a lie."


Translator's note: In this situation Lord Krishna's shark-shaped earring was pressed against this gopi's kunkuma-anointed cheek, leaving an impression in the kunkuma. The elder gopi sees it and suspects Krishna is the origin of the mark, but the younger gopi denies it, speaks a lie, and then denies she was lying.


11. In this verse the girl affirms that her gopi-friend made the mark and not one of her gopi-rivals. The poet repeating her words affirms here that the young gopi is lying.



(A Gopi Distraught Because Krishna Has Gone to a Faraway Place)


12. A gopi who stays in Vraja and is distraught (at Krishna's absence) is called proshita-bhartrika.

13. Meditating on Such a gopi, Krishna may think in this way: "You gaze at, talk with, touch, and embrace Radha.You are happy to see how She even imitates Your actions. Ah, You do not believe She is on the verge of death. If She dies, what will You say then? Will You be happy then?"

14. A gopi may say to Shri Krishna: "For Her ornaments seem like the flames of a fire, and the flames of a fire seem like ornaments. How can others console Radha, now that She is separated from You?

15. "I clearly said, `You are Radha's very life's breath, and Radha is Your very life's breath." O master Krishna, I am very wretched, for by continuing to live and breathe I now make light of these words I spoke."



(A Gopi Who Yearns To Meet Krishna)


16. In this situation a gopi may say to Krishna:  Radha is pushed by an intense desire for Your association, but You are not pushed by any such desire. O Krishna, Radha is not attracted to this happiness, the happiness of renunciation.

17. "With tears, trembling, becoming pale, faltering of the voice, standing erect of the body's hairs, perspiration, becoming stunned, and bewilderment, an intense yearning for Your association, a yearning like a particle of food caught in Her throat and choking Her breath, now torments Radha.

18. "O Krishna, You possess all virtues. Your glory is free of any fault. Why, then, do You torment the heart of Radha, who is like virtue personified?"



(A Gopi Who Goes To Meet Krishna)


19. A gopi may speak to Radha these joking words: " O girl walking with such determination, O girl with restless eyes, where are You going at sunset? I do not know the glorious destination that stays in the thoughts of Your heart. Still, when You see a dark tamala tree, You become stunned and cannot move. Then You try to hide in the midst of all Your tricky gopi-friends.

20. "The sun, which is like a jewel glistening in the sky, now sets on the easten horizon. But You are hurrying to the east. I think You must be going to Krishna. You must have services to render to Him."

21. The meeting of Krishna and the gopis is described in the following words: "Filled with ecstasy, other girls hurry to their rendezvous with Krishna in the white moonlit night. Their blissful smiles, born from thinking of the touch of theor beloved Krishna's body, have made their white garments and ornaments all pathetic and useless in comparison.

22. "Poets explain that the vraja-gopis mistook the darkness of night for Krishna Himself. Still, the secret truth is that Krishna is indeed very like that darkness.

23. "From the beginning the gopis' hearts trembled. As they began to walk, their feet became stunned. When in their hearts they saw Krishna meeting with them, their bodies became stunned. Destiny is the supreme cause that brought these gopis with gracefully curved eyebrows to their rendezvous with Krishna. Destiny forcibly attracted them to Krishna."

24. Sometimes, even during the daytime, one gopi will trick another gopi into a mjeeting with Krishna. An example of this is seen in these words: "O gopi-friend, look! The peacocks are fearlessly dancing everywhere. In their midst a boy like a new raincloued enjoys pastimes withg great splendor." The boy in this secluded place is Krishna.


Vasaka-sajja (A Gopi Who Carefully Decorates Herself for a Meeting with Krishna)


25. A vraja-gopi picks flowers and with them carefully decorates a bed. Ah! In the three worlds there is no bed like this. Even in the pathways of Vaikuntha there is no bed like this. Carefully dressed and adorned to meet her lover, this gopi shines with great splendor. No one is her equal. Surrounded by her gopi-friends, she thinks only of her lofver, Krishna. She thinks of none but Him.

26. Describing a gopi overcome with longings to meet Krishna, another gopi says to Krishna: "After decorating the bed, this gopi became rapt in thinking of Your imminent arrival. She could not bear even a single moment without seeing You. When she saw that You were not coming, she was overwhelmed and, with her trembling, cakra-marked hands, she tore apart all the decorations she had carefully arranged."


Vipralabdha (A Gopi Cheated by Krishna, Who Did Not Come to the Rendezvous)


27. In this situation one gopi says to Krishna:"O supreme master, Your arrival brings not only pleasure and liberation, but it also places in the hearts of Your friends devotion to You." This verse may also be interpreted: "O supreme master, Your arrival does not bring sense-gratification or liberation. Instead, it places in the hearts of Your friends devotion to You."


Khandita (A Gopi Cheated by Krishna)


28. In this situation agopi may say to Krishna: "Even without scratching her with Your fingernails or anything else You ripped this girl into shreds. O Krishna, this shows Your supreme skill."

Translator's note: Had Krishna met with that gopi, He would have enjoyed amorous pastimes with her and those pastimes would have included amorous bites and scratches. However, Krishna did not meet with her. Jilted by Him, she felt she had been ripped into shreds.


29. A gopi-messenger may rebuke a khandita (jilted by Krishna) gopi in these sarcastic words:"O glorious, proud, worshipable girl, your friends have all heared the news of what happened to you. You should worship your glorious pastimes with Govinda."

30. To agopi ferocious with jealous anger a gopi-friend may say:"O Radha, why are You soproud? Why do eYouplan to fire from Your eyes a flaming arrow of jealous anger? After all, Krishna will certainly counteract it with the monsoon-cloud weapon of His glance."

31. The following is a conversation of a gopi and her lover Krishna who, although he respectfully approaches her, nevertheless bears the red scratchmarks and other marks of having enjoyed pastimes with a rival gopi:

32. Krishna: Beloveed!

Gopi: Beloved!

Krishna: Why is your face so darkened with anger?

Gopi: You are pathetic. You don't know?

Krishna: Know what?

Gopi: The scratchmarks and bitemarks You are trying to hide.

Krishna: Those came from a rakshasi. Hiding, she attacked Me.

33. The following wores are spoken to that gopi by her gopi-friend:"Lightning on aglistening cloud strikes fear into people's hearts.O bewildered gopi-friend, why do you continue to smile and speak joking with words with Krishna? I would not praise the colorful marks that now adorn His chest."

34. That wronged gopi may then say to Krishna: "The black anjana well covers the red scratch-marks on Your chest, but the bite-marks on Your lips are still clearly visible.

35. "A dark cloud comes from the darkened western horizon. Embarrassed, that cloud tries to hide the mark it bears, the mark of the moon."

Translator's note: In this verse the dark cloud is Krishna and the mark of the moon is the mark of Candravali's scratches on Krishna's chest.

36. "O unconquerable Krishna, it was not wrong for You to manifest a female form (Mohini), nor was it wrong for You to become a tortoise (Kurma) that took shelter of a great mountain (Sumeru), nor was it wrong that You delighted a goddess with nectar."

Translator's note: These sarcastic words hint the following hidden meaning: "It was not wrong for You to make the gopis fall in love with You, nor was it wrong for You to become like a turtle taking shelter of the great mountains of Candravali's breasts, nor was it wrong for You to delight Goddess Candravali was many nectar pastimes."


37. "Me You abandon. Her You delight with pastimes. One You abandon and the other You bless.

38. "A lusty boy does not distinguish if a girl is sweet like nectar or dry and without a single nectar drop. Look at Krishna! Even though His flute is completely dry, He still tries to drink nectar from it."

39. To these words Krishna replies:"O Radha, Your form is slender, Your heart is gentle and soft, and Your intelligence is sharp. Why, then, does jealous anger rest within You? This question I ask.

40. "How do such cruel words come from Your mouth and the flower-petal that is Your tongue? Ah! I know now. These words must come from the thunderbolt that is Your heart.

41. "Your gentle kindness does not please Me as much as this jealous anger where You attack Me and show Your independent spirit.

42. "O Radha, Your anger pains Me, but then again it is like blows struck with apastime lotus-flower, blows that give no pain at all. Ah! This anger to Me is like the pain Your feet may feel when they touch the hairs on My chest."

43. To Krishna's sweet words Radha gives the following reply: "How can I tolerate separation from You? O master of the goddess of fortune, I cannot tolerate that fearsome separation. It is like an Agastya Muni drinking up the ocean of My happiness, or like a strong wind that blows away the clouds of My peaceful composure, or like an air-eating snake devouring the air of My life's breath, or like a great fire blazing in the forest of My body."

44. Seeing her gopi-friend weeping, another gopi said to Krishna: "Sunset is red, and day is colorless. Because of sunset, day never touches night, which has a dark heart."

Translator's note: In these gnomic words sunset is Radha, day is Krishna, and night is Candravali. The hint here is: Because of Radha, Krishna should never approach Candravali.


45. Here the hint is: "O Krishna, You are known to be very contrary. Therefore You are not free of fault in this matter."

46. Then the gopi filled with jealous anger says to her gopi-friend:"O crooked girl, the oil of affection is now spilled. Now the flame is extinguished in the lamp that stays in my heart. Why do you rebuke Krishna for His misdeed? His misdeed is very slight. Nolonger am I a partisan. Now I am neutral. If Krishna finds happiness with many different gopis, then who suffers on that account?"

47. Then, to make Radha's tears go away, Krishna speaks these ttricky words:"Books on the scienbce of jewels declare that pearls come from ooysters. Aha! I see some pearls. Now My hand will gather these pearls from Your face, O proud girl filled with jealous anger."

48. Now will be descriobed the Kahalahantarita gopi, who openly speaks to Krishna the averse she feels to Him in her heart.


Kalahantarita-bharrtrika (A Gopi Separated from Krishna Because of aLoevr's Quarrel)


49. In this situation agopi thinks:"O heart, if with jealous anger you wish to subdue Krishna, then, even if Krishna is made into your submissive servant, should you not abandon Him as useless?"

50. A gopi-friend may say to Krishna: "O Murari, You must think the girl who scratched Your chest is Your dearmost beloved. This thought makes flames glisten in our eyes.

51. "O beloved of the gopis, this proud girl, who considers honor her very life, and who has now been dishonored by You, and who is now on the verge of death, her life's breath about to flee from her body, is Your true dearmost beloved."

52. Leaving these hostile gopis, Krishna then went far away. However:

53.Then the music of Krishna's bamboo flute made the hairs of proud, jealous, angry Radha stand erect with bliss.

54. Approaching Radha, a proud and contrary gopi says: Why did You not speak harsh words? Why in Your heart have You no anger toward the offender Krishna? Alas! Alas! I am always in disgrace. You will never find happiness with that offender Krishna."

55. Radha thinks in her heart: "My dear gopi-friend says, `You should be angry and jealous.' But I do not understand jealous anger at all. If by some crooked activities I could attain My wishes, then what are those crooked activities? Ah! My heart yearns to gaze at dark Krishna's smiling lotus eyes. Ah! Ah! How can I have any other desire?

56. "Although He has committed  an offense, My heart stillloves Him. I have no power to renounce Him. How can I ever leave Krishna?"

57. Glory to Lord Krishna's sweet flute-music, wehich attracts Shri Radha and also attracts the gopis that counsel Her to become ferocious with jealous anger.

58. To Krishna who, gazing at Radha's face, doubts that any simile or metaphor can be spoken to describe Her properly, a gopi says:"O Krishna, do not be so bold to think that the moon can be compared to Radha's face. Her eyebrows are all-conquering archer's-bows. Bending those bows, She shoots many arrow-glances from Her eyes."

59. It is also said:"Gazing at Krishna, Radha has become like a bumblebee in alotus forest, or like a saphari fish in a pleasant lake. It is not otherwise."


Svadhina-bhartrika (A Gopi Who Dominates Krishna)


60. Her lover Krishna always begs boons from Her. His desire is not merely to touch Her. Againa and again She gives Him commands."Tie My belt", She says. Again and again feeling the touch of Krishna's body to Her body, She is filled with bliss as if She had become Goddess Lakshmi herself.

61. When Krishna praises Radha's beauty, She does not listen, for She is rapt in gazing at His wonderfully handsome form.

62. In a secluded place talking amongst themselves, the gopis say, "Even though in Their pastimes She is like a campaka vine subordinate to the tamala tree Krishna, we know that because of Her great passion and dominating spirit She makes Krishna into Her subordinate. She dominates Krishna.

63. The following is a saong my spiritual master, Shrila Rupa Gosvami, taught in a dream, a song the gopi Lalita sings in Lalita-raga early in the morning.


A Song



jagaranad atha kunja-vare



api sankalita-sva-parikare


mama dhir majjati kamsa-hare




Awakened by seeing the splendid morning sunlight in the beautiful forest-grove, Krishna breaks the sleep of His beloved as Her gopi-friends gather around Them. (Refrain) My consciousness is now absorbed in thinking of Kamsahara Krishna, who wears a peacock-feather crown.



muhur ullasita-yuvati-nikare

samam anya bahir anya-care

ghana-gahanadhvani gamana-pare

tatra ca bahu-krita-sukha-vitare


dhamni sanatana-sharma-hare



The young gopis please Her again and again, and lead Her down the path through the dense forest. In the forest She was very happy, but at home Her eternal happiness is stolen away. At home She has become bitten by the poisonous snake of separation from Her lover. She is now stunned with the desire to meet Him.


64. On another day the gopis' good fortune described in these words: In the forest noting that dear Radha was determined to dominate Krishna, a smiling gopi placed sleeping Krishna's flute in Radha's hand and Krishna'speacock-feather crown on Her head.

To this gopi radha said: "Dear girl, while My lover sleeps on this pleasant forest bed, you robbed His flute and brought it to Me. I see You can walk on a path even I dare not tread."

66. As a farmer plows after the monsoon season,so Krishna, obedient to the gopis' wishes, observed the vasanta-pancami festival, sang songs in Vasanta-raga, and enjoyed pastimes with the gopis.

67. On Vasanta-pancami, as the bees eagerly flew amongst the flowers and buds, and as the jasmine flowers bloomed, Radha and the gopis became rapt in thinking of Krishna. The gopis became sorrowwful at Krishna's absence. Vrnda approached them and spoke some words to make them cheerful.

68. A gopi said, "Friend Vrinda, why do you approach a fool like me? Ah, you must have come here to see that charming thing.

69. Vrnda said, "What charming thing?"

70. The gopi said, "Something that will delight you."

71. Vrnda said, "Please tell me of it."

72. The gopi said, "When Radha saw the beauty of springtime, She was overcome with feelings oiof separation from Krishna. Seeing Radha in this way, a certain gopi tried to console Her. Accompanied by her gopi-frends, that gopi sang the following song in Vasanta-raga. In that way she attracted Krishna to that place. The song is given below.


73. A Song





krishna-vanam sakhi bhati sa-rangam

bhavatim iva laghu netum adhisham sevita-madhurasa-sangham



O friend, Krishna's blissful forest has now come to quickly bring You to its charming king.



jagara-mitam iva madhavika-shatam anukrita-jrimbha-bhangam

cumbati madhupa-gane krita-bhangi smarayati priya-sangam



Hundreds of madhvika vines blossom, as if yawning on first waking up. Their flowers kiss the bumblebees, reminding You of the meeting with Your lover Krishna.



sa-rasa-rasalaja-makula-kulam paripulakayad iva samam angam

akaritam iva tava kurute pika-kulam anukalayad anangam



The sweet mango buds are like the forest's hairs standing up with joy. The cooing cuckoos seem to call You to enjoy amorous pastimes with Your lover.



tvam celakali-candana-maruta vasayatanu-lavangam

karshati madhuripu-madhu-parvodita-vina-venu-mridangam



The lavanga-scented breeze from the sandalwood forest shakes Your garment and draws You to the sounds of the flute, lute, and drum in Krishna's springtime festival.



nitayam tvayi madhavi madhava-madhava-gana-tarangam

kirati paraga-cayam locanam iva natayati caru-kurangam



O Radha, as You approach, the waves of music from Krishna's springtime festival sprinkle You with their pollen and make Your eyes gracefully dance like the beautiful eyes of a doe.



iti sa labdhva vallabham anisham manasa valita sangam

jayati nirupama-rupini madhye yamuna-manasa-gangam



Attaining in this way the company of Your lover, to whom Your heart turns day and night, You gloriously shine, O incomparably beautiful one, on the shores of the Yamuna and Manasa-ganga.


74. In this situation the following verse is given: Springtime makes the forest very beautiful. It makes the gopis eager to enjoy amorous pastimes. It fills this place with a sweet fragrance. O gopi-friend, look! Springtime is manifest now.


Translator's note: The word for springtime here is  madhava". Therefore this verse may also be interpreted to refer to Krishna instead of spring.


75. Hearing these words, Krishna appeared before Vrnda and the gopis.


A Song





radha harir api pulaki-vasantam

gayati nija-mudam anu vikasantam



Their transcendental happiness in full bloom, Radha and Krishna sing a song in vasanta-raga.



upadishate dishi dishi gunayantam

pikam anu pancamam ati-cirayantam



A cuckoo sings a sustained fifth note. Radha and Krishna imitate him, singing out to every direction.



vasanti-madhu rahasi dhayantam

shamsati madhuliham anu gayantam



Singing in imitation of his humming, Radha and Krishna glorify a bumblebee who drinks the honey of a vasanti flower in a secluded place.



madhu-rasam anu ganam ramayantam

rasayati vinimitam adharam ayantam



As Radha and Krishna sing Their lips touch. In this way They taste the sweetest nectar.



malayaja-surabhi-dhuram khanjantam

kavayati gandha-vaham prasajantam



Radha and Krishna glorify the very fragrant breeze that slowly limps from the Malaya Hills.



vadya-ganam guna-valita-dig-antam

anu nrityati mada-lola-drig-antam



Radha and Krishna hear beautiful instrumental music from a distant place. The corners of Their eyes happily dance in time with the music.



capala-ghana-sama-rucim anu tam tam

natayati shikhi-ganam api nipatantam



Radha and Krishna's luster, which is like a monsoon cloud and lightning, makes the peacocks dance.



Note: Peacocks are fond of the monsoon season, and they show their pleasure by jubilantly dancing. They thought Radha and Krishna were a raincloud and lightning, and so they naturally showed their pleasure to see Them.



kirati curnam anu purna-danantam

samam ali-lalanabhir anantam



The gopis fill the air with a limitless shower of fragrant powder.



shramajala-kana-ganam anu vilasantam

vahati paraga-bharam rucimantam



Covered with drops of perspiration and colorful, fragrant powder, Radha and Krishna are splendidly beautiful.


76. The gopis remembered how they went to meet Krishna in spite of their elders' attempts to stop them.

77. The gopis carefully watched Krishna. They had submissive Krishna under their control. They were unhappy when they were separated from Him, and He was unhappy when He was separated from them.

78. The passionate lover Krishna watches the pathway. He plays His flute. His sends messengers. She is attracted, but Her elders firmly prevent Her. It is all to no avail. The hearts of Radha and Krishna must remain separate.

79. The thoughts in Radha's and Krishna's hearts are described in these words: "I cannot see Her. Now Her kinsmen are happy. Ah! But I think She must be very unhappy now. My power to meet with Her is now crushed into powder. Alas! What shall I do now? What shall I do?"

80. "Tonight My elders all watch Me. Alas! Tonight amorous pastimes with My beloved will not touch Me. Only in My dreams will I see My beloved. I think that if I stay awake, and thus do not see My beloved in My dreams, I will not be able to stay alive. O! O! O dark Krishna, where are You now?"


Translator's note: This verse is ambiguous and may be interpreted for either Radha or Krishna. The above translation is interpreted for Radha. In the interpretation for Krishna the last line becomes: "O! O! O Radha, O beloved of Krishna, where are You now?"


81. Without beautiful Radha and dark Krishna, the gopis felt sorrowful as if flames blazed in their hearts.

82. The elders were angry. They prevented the gopis from going to Krishna. Then Krishna created a trick, a trick that consisted of a great thirst to visit holy pilgrimage places.

83. Krishna's gopi beloved thought of going on pilgrimage. Pilgrimage glistened in their hearts. They considered it very important.

84. When Govinda ascended a great cart to depart for pilgrimage, the gopis tgazed at Him. Their shackles now fallen away, the birds of the gopis' glances flew to Krishna.

85. Night after night, as the various constellations slowly passed by the moon in the sky, Krishna enjoyed pastimes with the gopis.

86. With the gopis, who had come from afar, who passionately yearned to meet with Him, who were dressed in glorious garments, who were joyful and playful, who had cheated their elders, who had renounced everything, and who were free from material duality, Lord Krishna enjoyed many pastimes on that pilgrimage path.

87. Also, while the people of Gokula were on pilgrimage, Krishna, disguised as a girl, would meet with the gopis and enjoy pastimes with them.

88. Disguised as a girl learned in astrology, mantras, yoga, and Tantras, Krishna enjoyed the following conversation pastime:

Radha: O all-knowing girl, what is the most blissful place in the three worlds?

Krishna-disguised-as-a-learned-girl: Krishna's land of Vraja.

Radha: In this world what is the best activity to perform for one's livelihood?

Disguised Krishna: Singing songs about Krishna

Radha: What activity brings the most auspicious result?

Disguised Krishna: The desire to attain Krishna.

Radh: What is most delightful?

Disguised Krishna:Krishna's handsome form.

Radha: What is the best goal one can attain?

Disguised Krishna: The attainment of Krishna's association .


May the trickster Krishna, who conversed with Radha in this way, protect us all.


89. Disguised as a gopi-messenger, Krishna conversed with Radha in this way:


Radha: Who are You?

Krishna-disguised-as-a-gopi-messenger: I am a messenger.

Radha: Who sent You?

Disguised Krishna: Your master.

Radha: What are Your qualifications?

Disguised Krishna: My qualifications are equal to those of Your master.

Radha: Can You proove You are qualified like My master?

Disguised Krishna: Yes. Take Me to a private room and You may gaze at My body.


Simply by hearing Krishna's crooked words Radha could understand the true identity of Her guest, that Her guest was actually the object of Her desire.


90. Night after night Krishna, disguised in various ways, would meet with Radha, who was anguished in separation from Him, and converse with Her, chasing away Her feelings of separation. Some examples of these pastimes are described below.


Seeing Krishna described as a girl who is a physician, Radha said: "O friend, You are a dark-limbed physician. Please cure the flames of anguish that burn in My heart." Krishna-in-disguise took the pulse at Radha's hand. Then He proceeded to touch Radha's limbs, one after the other. Finally Radha protested, "Stop! Why do You touch Me again and again?"

91. To Krishna disguised as a girl flute-player, Radha said, "You are a dark-limbed flute-playing girl. Your home is far away. Not one fo Your friends lives nearby. The night has half passed. You may sleep on My bed."

92. When Krishna came disguised as a poetess, Radha said,  This dark girl is a peerless poetess. She is very learned. How does She know so many secret truths about Me, secret truths I did not even know Myself?"

93. When Krishna came as a girl artist, Radha said, "O gopi-friend, this dark girl is an artist. In a secluded place She showed Me a colorful picture of a girl just like Me standing next to a peerlessly handsome boy."

94. When Krishna came as a girl betelnut-merchant, Radha said, "O gopi-friend, this secret I tell to you: In some past life this girl was someone extraordinary. She was not just a betelnut-seller. This girl knows mantras to bring others under Her spell."

95. When Krishna came disguised as a florist girl, Radha said, "This dark florist girl has spread out many garlands for sale. Why does Her dark form fill Me with amorous desires?"

96. When Krishna came disguised as a fruit-merchant girl, Radha said, "This dark fruit-merchant girl has sprerad out many different fruits for sale. But why, amongst them all, does She look only at the bilva fruits?


Translator's note: The bilva fruit's shape reminds Krishna of Radha's breasts.


97. When Krishna came disguised as a girl thief, Radha said, "This dark girl is not honest. Unseen by others, She has switched Her necklace for one more valuable. Now She yearns to steal that pearl-necklace."

98. When Krishna came disguised as a perfume-merchant girl, Radha said, "O gopi-friend, I purchase the aguru from this perfume-merchant girl. Aha! When making their purchase, My elder relatives will not say the words krishna (aguru) or akrishna (white sandalwood)."


99. The following are conversationas that hint at Krishna's Shrivatsa mark.


100. Disguised as a seamstress, Krishna says, "I feel great affection for You. I am very expert at sewing. O gopi-friend, look at the graceful bodice that rests on My chest."

101. Disguised as a cloth-dyer girl, Krishna says, "I am a cloth-dyer girl. My name is Shyama. I am famous in all the world. My colorful garments are like a lotus flower blossoming over My chest."

102. Disguised as a mirror-merchant girl, Krishna says,  I come selling mirrors, karmukas, coral, and pearls.  O girl of Vraja, if You ask, in private I will show You My two jewelry cases."

103. Disguised as a masseuse, Krishna says, "I am a slender and beautiful girl expert at giving massages. I wish to serve You. O glorious girl, My slightest touch brings happiness that defeats the happiness of Brahman."

104. Approaching Krishna, who was disguised as a bracelet-marchant girl, the gopis thought, "Never have we met a girl, gentle or harsh, like this girl."

105. When, during a dark-fortnight, the people of Vraja went to Ambikavcana, Krishna manifested many charming forms. Before each gopi He appeared in the particular hanndsome form that gopi wished to see.

106. If someone says Krishna's vraja-gopi-beloveds are like bumblebees flying along the pathways of the lotus flowers of Krishna's heart, then we doubt that statement is true. We say it is Radha alone who stays in the lotus flower of Krishna's heart.

107. Here the final conclusion is given: O Radha, handsome Krishna, who killed Bakasura and ended Vidyadhara Sudarshana's curse, loves You more than any other girl.