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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Jayadeva Gosvami > Gita Govinda > CHAPTER TWELVE > Krsna's Submission to Radha

(Vibhasa raga, Ekatali tala)


Krsna's Submission to Radha



kisalaya sayana tale kuru kamini carana nalina vinibesam

tava pada pallavi vairi parabhavamidamanubhavatu subesam

ksanamadhuna narayananugatam anubhaja radhike


O Kamini Rai! (One who satisfies My kama) Just place Your lotus feet upon this nicely arranged flower bed. Let these flowers feel ashamed as they touch their rivals; for don't Your delicate feet far outmatch their softness?(Chorus : Hey Radhe! Although I am Narayana (although I have many sweethearts) I have surrendered to You. So please worship Me for awhile.



kara kamalena karomi carana mahamagamitasi viduram

ksamamupakuru sayanopari mamiva nupuramanugati swam

ksanamadhuna narayananugatam anubhaja radhike


O Dearmost one! Having come from afar, You must be tired. So just request Me: I shall massage Your tender feet to relieve their fatigue., but then You can warmly embrace Me upon this bed—just as Your ankle bells snugly fit around Your feet. (O Radhe! Although I am Narayana, I have surrendered to You. So please worship Me for a while.)



vadana sudhanidhi galitamrtasiva racaya vacanam anukulam

virahamivapanyami payodhara rodhakamwasi dukulam

ksanamadhuna narayananugatam anubhaja radhike


O Priye! Just give Me Your amrta-like word of approval which will seep from Your moon-face. Then I shall remove this cloth which separates Me from Your lovely breasts.

(Hey Radhe! Although I am Narayana, I have surrendered to You. So please worship Me for a while.)



priya parirambhana rabhasa

balitamiva pulakitamati dwabapam

madurasi kuca kalasam vinibesaya sesaya manasija tapam

ksanamadhuna narayananugatam anubhaja radhike


O Beloved! Your supremely rare and voluptuous, jug-like breasts are eager to embrace Me; hence they are standing erect in horripulation! So please rub them over My chest to dispel My fever of passion!

(Hey Radhe! Although I am Narayana, I have surrendered to You. So please worship Me for a while.)



adhara sudharasamupanaya bhamini jivaya mrtamiva dasam

tvayi vinihita manasam virahanala dagdha vapusamabilasam

Ksanamadhuna narayananugatam anubhaja radhike


O love-jealous one! I'm Your totally infatuated servant. Yet being deprived from love making with You has almost scorched My body to death! So please kiss Me, for the nectar from Your lips will bring me back to life! (Hey Radhe! Although I am Narayana, I have surrendered to You. So please worship Me for a while.)



sasimukhi mukharaya manirasana

gunamanyguna kantha ninadam

srutiputa yugale pikaruta vikale samaya ciradavasadam

ksanamadhuna narayananugatam anubhaja radhike


Ayi Sasimukhi! (Moon-faced one) Let the sound of the bell-chain worn over Your bottom commence! Just let it try to match Your sweet, Kokila-like voice. This will relieve My ear's ten¬sion from hearing the ordinary Kokila's singing. (Hey Radhe! Although I am Narayana, I have surrendered to You. So please worship Me for a while.)



mamtiviphalarusa vikali krtamavalokitum adhunedam

milati lajjitamiva nayanam tava ciramavimrja ratikhedam

ksanamadhuna narayananugatam anubhaja radhike


Ayi Love-jealous one! Your needless anger has really hurt Me. Thus Your guilty eyes close in shyness when they look upon Me. O let's just forget about everything that will upset Our pleasure-giving rati keli. (Hey Radhe! Although I am Narayana, I have surrendered to You. So please worship Me for a while.)



srijayadeva bhanitamidamanupada

nigadita madhuripu modam

janayatu rasikajanesu manorama rati rasabhava vinodam


Every line of Jayadeva's song portrays Madhusudana's anandamaya* mood. Let it attract the rasika bhaktas who wish to relish the enchanting bhavas of His exciting lovemaking af¬fairs.



pratyuhah pulakankurena nibirasalese nimesena ca

krirakrta vilokitehadhara sudhapane katha namrabhih

anandadhigamena manmatha kala yudhehapi yasminnbhu

dudbhutah sa tayorvabhuva suratarambhah priyam bhavukah


As Radha and Krsna's rati-keli begins, the so-called im¬pediments to love's progress such as Their horripulation dur¬ing embracing, their blinking as they look thirstily upon each other, Their clever work-play as They kiss, and Their param-ananda during the spar of Cupid's battle—only heighten Their bliss!



dorbhyam samyamitah payodhara bharona piritqh panirjai

raviddho dasanaih khatadharaputah sronitatenahatah

kastenanamitah kaoehadhasudha panena sanmohitah

kantah kamapi trptamapa tadaho kamasya vama gatih


Even though Krsna is locked within Radhika stronghold, crushed by Her voluptuous breasts, severed by Her fingernails, lip-bitten by Her biting teeth, inoculated by the crushing blows of Her bottom, pulled by Her fingers within His hair, and drunk by Her honey-sucking lips—still He reaches an indescribably fascinating high peak of total enrapture!



maranke rati keli sankula ranarambhe taya sahasa

prayam kantajayaya kincchidupari prarambhi yat sambhramat

nispanda jaghanasthali sthilitala dorbballirutkampitam

bakho militamakhi paurusarasah strinah kutah sidhyati


Desiring to defeat Krsna in Cupid's love-battle, Radha boldly usurps the male's position by climbing over His chest! Yet owing to Her extreme enrapture, She soon becomes fa¬tigued! Thus her bottom stops rotating, Her arms collapse and Her eyes closed! Can a pretty, delicate woman ever accomplish the feat of a robust man?



miladdrsthi milatkapola pulakam sitkara dhara vasa

davyaktakula keli kaku vikasaddantansu dhoutadharam

sasonnaddha payodharopari parisvangi kurangi drso

harsotkarsa vimukhi nihsaha tanordhanyo dhayatayananam


In the thrill of intense ecstasy eyes partially close, Her perspiring cheeks press Krsna's cheeks, She faintly whimpers, and Her mouth bathes in the lightrays from her teeth. Thus as doe-eyed Radha's tired limbs lay spread over Krsna's, His hands fondle Her dangling breasts, as He kisses Her lips. In¬deed, this Krsna is fortunate!



tasyah patala panijankitamuro nidrakasay drsou

nirdhoutohadhara sonima vilulitah srastasrajo murddhjah

kanchidama daraslathanchamit pratarnikhataridrso

robhih kama saraistadam abhutamabhut patyurmanah



Radha's nail marks appear like rose petals on Krsna's chest. Yet Her eyes are red with drowsiness, Her lips have turned copper-color from excessive kissing, Her hair is ruffled and Her flower mala, bell-chain and clothes lay scattered over the bed. Aho! As Krsna views Radha's splendor, Cupid shoots five arrows which deeply graft His heart!



vyalolah kesapasastarolitamalkaih sveddalolou kapolalou

klista dastadhara srih kuch akalasaruca harita harasastih

kanchi kanchigatsam stanajghana

padam paninacchasya sadyah

pasyanti santrapam mam tadapi vilulitasragdhareyam dhinoti


Krsna ponders : Ugh! Radha's scattered hair has lovely, curling locks strewn over Her forehead, Her cheeks are drenched in perspiration, Her bright, red lips have faded from My toothmarks, Her pearl necklace looks dull in contrast with Her lustrous, big breasts and Her bell-chain has been cast aside.. Still Radha's shy, intriguing smiles as She coyly looks at Me while trying to cover Her breasts and pubic area, drive Me mad!



iti manasa nigadantam surantante sa nitanta khinnangi

radha jagada sadaramidamanandena govindam


As Govinda thus contemplates, Radharanl, who lies fa¬tigued from rati keli blissfully addresses Him with affection :