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Prema Vivarta

—Divine Transformations of Spiritual Love—



Shrila Jagadananda Pandita



Table of Contents



On Shrila Jagadananda Pandita


Prema-Vivarta: Salient features


Chapter 1—Mangalacarana


      The transcendental identities of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna                                     

The Absolute Truth is imperceptible to empiricists and

is revealed only by Lord Krishna's  Grace                                        

Spiritual Truth is transcendental to the influence of material nature                          

Shrimati Radharani and Lord Krishna are united in Lord Chaitanya                            

Lord Chaitanya's true identity                                                                  

Brahman is Lord Chaitanya's bodily effulgence                                           

Paramatma or Supersoul is Lord Chaitanya's partial expansion                                                                      

Chapter 2—About Shri Prema-vivarta                                                                           

          Shrila Svarupa Damodara Gosvami and Shri Jagadananda Pandita                                     

          Lord Chaitanya and the Author                                                                

          Remembering the Lord's childhood pastimes                                             

          The author's love for the Lord                                                                

          Lord Chaitanya and Shrila Gadadhara Pandita                                             

          Shri Navadvipa and Shri Vrndavana                                                          

Worship of Radha-Krishna without approaching Lord Gauranga is futile                                                           

Chapter 3—First Prayer                                                                                             

Chapter 4—Lord Chaitanya's Magnitude                                                                       

          Lord Chaitanya's dancing is eternal                                                           

          All demigods and demigoddesses are Lord Chaitanya's servitors

          Firm faith in worshipping Lord Chaitanya                                                   


Chapter 5—Quarrelsome Jagai                                                                                   

Chapter 6—The Ultimate Goal of Living Entities                                                    

          The living entity and Lord Krishna                                                            

          The living entities in their conditioned state                                      

Only the association of saintly souls can save one                            


Chapter 7—Chanting the Holy Name is for Everyone                                                      

          Chanting is not possible in the company of non devotees                                      

          The proper method of chanting                                                               

          The duties of a renunciant                                                                      

          Instructions to the householder and the renunciant                                     


Chapter 8—Be Free From Finding Fault with Others                                              


Worship Lord Gauranga with a pure heart                                        

Insincere devotional service                                                          

          About Shrila Kavi-Karnapura                                       


Chapter 9—Renunciation Through Utilisation                                                                 

          True and false renunciation                                                           

          False renunciation                                                                                 

          Yukta-vairagya or true renunciation                                                

          Root out dry and joyless renunciation                                                       

Cultivate Yukta-vairagya                                                                        


Chapter 10—Caste and Family Lineage                                                               


Eligibility to worship the Lord                                               

          Non devotees are puffed up by high birth                                       

          A low born devotee is superior to a high born non devotee                          

Freedom from attraction and repulsion for matter                                      

The Lord is compassionate to the humble                                                 


Chapter 11—The Lamp of Navadvipa                                                                          

          Shri Navadvipa and Shri Vrndavana are non different                                   

          The esoteric reason for Lord Gauranga's appearance                                  

          Serving Krishna is part of worshipping Lord Gauranga                                  

          An acarya is not restricted by varnasrama system                             





Chapter 12—The Glories of the Vaishnavas                                                         

          Devotion and places of pilgrimage                                                 

          Associating with a pure devotee                                                              

          The kanistha-adhikari neophyte devotee                                                   

          The madhyama-adhikari intermediate devotee                                           

          The uttama-adhikari first-class devotee                                                     

          Devotee is free from all material designations                                            

          Devotee is free from the threefold miseries                                               

          Other symptoms of a first-class devotee                                                  


Chapter 13—Eagerness to see Lord Gaurachandra                                                

Chapter 14—Contradictory Transformation                                                          

          Perceiving Vrndavana in Navadvipa                                                 


Chapter 15—The Forenoon Pastimes of Navadvipa-dhama                                              

          Lord Gauranga's mercy                                                                          

          Visit to the Village of Gadigacha                                                              

          The cowherd boys of the Village serve the Lord

          The cowherd boy named Bhima                                                              

Lord Gauranga visits Bhima's house and eats sweet rice                     

          The pond of Goradaha                                                                          

          The infant boy's past life                                                                       

          The boy offers prayers                                                                          

          The boy goes back to his home                                                              

          The result of seeing the pond Goradaha                                                   


Chapter 16—The Nature of Divine Love                                                                                 

Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami Inquires                                                  

          Spiritual Love                                                                             

          Love of Godhead, Krishna                                                                      

          The sloka composed by Lord Chaitanya                                                   

          Only the gopis understand transcendental conjugal love                               

          The 'sahajiyas' mundane sentimental love                                        

          Raya Ramananda's love                                            

          Sahajiyas are fit for hell deluded by Kali-yuga                                             

          Lord Chaitanya's instructions to Raghunatha dasa Gosvami                          

          Markata-vairagya or monkey renunciation                                       

The pure renunciant                                                                    





Chapter 17—The Standards of Vaishnava Etiquette Reflects The Class of a Devotee


Religious practices without chanting are futile                

          Acquire sambandha and act on the platform of yukta-vairagya                     

          Activities of householders and renounced devotees                                     

          Duties of a householder Vaishnava                                                 

          Duties of renounced Vaishnavas                                                              

          Vaishnavas are Free of Fault-Finding                                                        

          A pure devotee serves Shri Shri Radha-Krishna                                           

          Krishna is the purusa, and everyone else is prakrti                                      

          The householder and his prescribed duties                                       

          Always remember Krishna and never forget Him                                         

          Acyuta-gotra and varnasrama duties                                                        

          Pravarta, sadhaka and siddha-bhaktas                                                      

          Aropa superimposition or ascription                                                         

          Worshipping Lord Krishna                                                                      

          Worshipping the Deity with proper understanding                              

          The basis of aropa-siddhi                                                                       

          Perfection through pure association or Sanga-siddha-bhakti                          

          Devotion on the platform of spiritual perfection —svarupa-bhakti                           

          The effects of these three types of devotion                                             


Chapter 18—Shri Ekadashi                                                                                         

          Ekadashi in Puri                                                                                    

          Lord Chaitanya's conclusion                                                          


Chapter 19—The Mysteries of the Holy Name                                                               

          The best and only means to perfection                                           

Uccharana defined                                                                                

      Japa and kirtana defined                                                                         

Perform kirtana always and everywhere                                                    

          Activities devoid of bhakti are to be rejected                                             

          The holy name alone can purify all sins                                                    

          Ritualistic penances cannot destroy material desires                                    

          The results of chanting                                                                          

          Disobeying the spiritual master                                                               

          Disrespecting the Vedic literatures                                                  

          Considering the glories of the holy name imaginary                                     

          Committing sin on the strength of chanting                                      

          Interpreting the holy name                                                                     

          All pious activities are material                                                                

          Chanting is the means and the goal                                                

          Instructing the faithless in chanting the holy name                             

          Offenses while performing devotional service                                             

          Namaparadha must always be avoided                                                     

          Chanting is the only means                                                           

          Chant under the tutelage of Haridasa Thakura                                            


Chapter 20—The Glories of the Holy Name                                                         

          The holy name destroys all sins                                                              

Penances and vows are insignificant activities compared to chanting






On Shrila Jagadananda Pandita


—A Biographical Sketch—



Shrila Jagadananda Pandita was a close and confidential associate of Lord Chaitanya.  A resident of Navadvipa, he was Nimai's boyhood friend and classmate. They enjoyed a unique relationship throughout life. He was continually picking fights with the Lord. These quarrels began from their early boyhood days and continued in Jagannatha Puri. By then Lord Chaitanya had already entered the sannyasa order of life; for the sole purpose of benedicting the fallen souls of Kali-yuga. Some of the boyhood pastimes depicting their innocent disputes have been described in this book. The emotional exchanges between Lord Chaitanya and Jagadananda Pandita should not be misunderstood. Their relationship is unspoilt by mundane hate, selfish motivations or evil designs. Whether the pastimes took place in their early boyhood or late in their mature dealings they are completely free of envy. Their seemingly acrimonious demeanour stemmed from a deep concern for each other and indeed not from self aggrandisement.


Their dealings were enacted on the transcendental plane of pure divine consciousness. The main actor in these pastimes is Lord Krishna or Lord Gauranga Himself.  Lord Krishna in the Dvaraka pastimes exhibited a similar relationship with His favoured queen Satyabhama.  And now the same supreme Lover Krishna, appearing as Lord Chaitanya, the most munificent incarnation of Godhead, performs in ditto His extraordinary pastime of Dvaraka presently with Jagadananda Pandita in Navadvipa.


In the Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika Jagadananda Pandita is described as Satyabhama, one of the principal queens of Krishna in Dvaraka — "Satyabhama prakaso pi Jagadananda Pandita'.  He participated in many of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes. He was present when Lord Chaitanya subdued Chandkazi; delivered Jagai and Madhai, when Lord's sannyasa staff was broken; accompanied the Lord to Puri after His sannyasa along with Nityananda Prabhu, Damodara Pandita, and Mukanda Datta; sang and danced in innumerable sankirtana gatherings; once in ire he broke the pot of sandalwood oil with a stick. In all of these pastimes Jagadananda Pandita exhibited a volatile nature which even Lord Chaitanya always carefully handled. As Satyabhama possessed a 'leftist' mood and nature so did Jagadananda Pandita. Among the queens of Krishna in Dvaraka Rukmini and others were restraint, awe, demureness to the extent of grovelling and always ready to surrender to the will of the lover. While the 'leftist' mood is recalcitrant argumentative, intransigent and always trying to impose her will on the lover. The 'leftist' mood was full embodied in Jagadananda Pandita. These pastimes have been vividly described in the Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita and Shri Chaitanya Bhagavat.


Although there were frequent quarrels between them the Lord always submitted to the dictates of Jagadananda's intense love for Him. Jagadananda Pandita could not stand to see his beloved Lord performing severe austerities. He, repeatedly tried to force the Lord to give up His strict vows of sannyasa, knowing that He was none other than the supreme Lord Krishna. Therefore what was the need for such undue hardships.  Consequently The Lord never gave anyone the slightest reason to think that Jagadananda Pandita, inspite of his explosive nature, was offensive or a disturbing element. Rather the Lord willingly remained under Jagadananda Pandita's influence, which tells volumes about the depth and intimacy of their relationship. The Lord would go out of His way to appease Jagadananda Pandita whenever he was upset and irreconcilable, knowing fully that Jagadananda acted only out of spontaneous love for Him.


          Once Sanatana Gosvami, tying a saffron cloth around his head, came to take 'prasadam' with Jagadananda Pandita at his residence in Vrndavana.  Jagadananda Pandita felt divine exhilaration seeing the cloth, thinking that it must belong to Lord Chaitanya. He was nevertheless curious, and wanted to confirm with Shri Sanatana where he had received that cloth. Being told that it was from one Mukunda Saraswati, a mayavadi sannyasi, Jagadananda flew into a fit of rage. He cried out, "This cloth is not my beloved Lord Chaitanya's remnant." He jumped up and brandishing a cooking pot, rushed at Sanatana Gosvami as if to strike him.  Sanatana Gosvami was truly impressed at the Pandita's love and undivided attachment for the Lord. Later the Gosvami commented that this was precisely what he was always wanting to see in a devotee— unalloyed love for Lord Chaitanya.




—Salient Features of this book—



Some of the lord's pastimes in Navadvipa, before He took up sannyasa, are very enchantingly described in this book. These pastimes have never appeared in any other literature. Further the book delineates the Lord's exemplary Vaishnava dealings and His preaching activities in a simple, lucid style of Bengali. In fact there are few literatures that can boast of an easy, direct and unequivocal presentation of complex esoteric concepts. I hope that this attempt to translate this book is able to convey at least a fraction of the wonderful excellences contained in the original text. I humbly pray to all the readers to forgive me for any inadvertence and offences on my part; they are unintentional. Vaishnavas are swan-like personalities therefore they may kindly overlook the mistakes and taste only the nectar Shrila Jagadananda has so mercifully left behind for posterity.  I like to end by repeating Shrila Jagadananda's own words describing his book. He said that anyone who hears Prema-Vivarta is guaranteed to experience the divine ecstasy of love of Godhead.